Coco Plum Island Resort: As Close to Belize’s Awesome Reefs As it Gets!

For snorkelers and divers whose bucket lists include experiencing as many reefs on the planet as possible, it’s within reach to check off two of the most remarkable on the planet without having to leave the Caribbean rim. Belize’s majestic Barrier Reef is only the second of its kind on earth and for reef aficionados, […]

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Coco Plum Island Resort: Belize’s Scuba Diving Mecca

Do scuba divers possess unique personality traits? To find out, we asked Canadian dive pros Maggie and Jody of and received a fascinating reply. Scuba divers, they say, not only have awesome communication skills and highly-developed organizational skills but they are more eco-conscious than other aquatic sport participants. They easily differentiate Jacques Chirac from […]

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Belize: Where the Ultimate in Scuba Diving Never Disappoints

Where you stay in Belize can mean the difference between an ordinary scuba diving adventure and an extraordinary one. Even celebrities prefer not to go all the way to Australia to scuba dive a barrier reef and when they learn that Belize offers an amazing alternative—one that takes only a couple of hours to reach—they’re […]

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Coco Plum Island Resort