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Belize Adventure Tour Schedule

You've heard of all the wonderful things Belize has to offer – the second largest barrier reef in the world, white sandy beaches, turquoise-azure water, a pristine tropical jungle, and our warm and friendly people. You're thinking to yourself: "How can I fit all of these wonderful beach and jungle activities into my one week vacation in Belize?" We're here to tell you that it is possible to see the Best of Belize in just a week with our all inclusive packages that include both inland & snorkeling tours. Any tours not listed below are considered specialty tours and are not included in our all inclusive vacation packages. To see if your package of choice includes the tours below, refer to the chart on this page. All tours can also be purchased separately. Contact us for applicable fees. Please see each tour’s page for more details.

Belize Snorkeling Tours
Belize Zip Line, Cave Tubing & Belize Zoo Tours
Cave Tubing
Or Visit the
Belize Zoo
Belize Snorkeling Tours
Belize Snorkeling Tours
Belize Mayan Ruin
Mayan Ruins
Belize Snorkeling Tours

Snorkeling trips are done in the morning or afternoon depending on weather conditions. Inland tours are full day tours. Tour schedule is subject to change without notice. All tours are dependent upon weather conditions.

"Inland Tours - Amazing! We got to see so much of Belize this way... The van drivers and guides (loved Nelson, Eric and George!) always have water, take ample restroom breaks, and tell you great info and history as you go. We enjoyed the inland tours as much as the days on the island."
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