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Experience the thrill of fishing in several of the most thriving fishing locations in Belize.

Belize stands as an angler's utopia, and with our Belize All Inclusive Fishing Package - a seamless blend of our Belize All Inclusive Snorkeling Package and à la carte fishing tours - there’s no shortage of opportunities to test your luck in the deep blue sea. As the guardian of the world's second-largest barrier reef, Belize guarantees an assortment of fish for you to catch. What aquatic wonders grace Belize's coastal waters? A cornucopia of fish species, so abundant that you may implore your guide to capture extra snapshots of you triumphantly cradling each prize. Belize offers superb fishing year-round, yet from March to October, the bonefish and permit are at their peak. The crystal-clear shallows of Belize harbor numerous flats, an ideal setting for engaging in catch-and-release battles with the elusive permit, bonefish, and tarpon. In fact, Belize is among the select few places on Earth where achieving a Grand Slam (reeling in a tarpon, bonefish, and permit all in one day) is not uncommon. Embrace the allure of our Belize All Inclusive Fishing Packages and embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure while keeping the need for planning to a minimum.

Fish Found In Belize
Throughout Belize, there are many fishing spots waiting to be explored, either at your own leisure or through our numerous Belize fishing tours which include drop fishing, troll fishing, and deep sea fishing. The drop-offs and various coral patches provide an opportunity to drop-fish and catch a variety of snapper and king mackerel. Venture to the reef for trolling where you have high chances of reeling in barracudas, groupers, and jacks which are in the waters year round. Deep sea fish like wahoos, mahi-mahi’s, and dorados are more difficult to catch, but can be experienced with our expert fishing guide through our Deep Sea Fishing Charter. You can take advantage of the best fishing in Belize through our guided fishing tours or you can test your luck on your own and fly-fish directly off Coco Plum’s docks and flats.

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Fishing Facts

  • We do not supply fly-fishing equipment or flies, we ask that you bring your own.
  • Weather and your safety will influence the scheduling of fishing trips.
  • Fly-fishing can be done in the flats around the island (for free, bring your own gear) or you can choose to hire a fly-fishing guide who operates from a small skiff. Reservations need to be made at least 48 hours in advance with the front desk. Remember to bring your our fly-fishing gear and flies!
  • See Fishing à la carte tour page for details on our fishing tours.
A collage of the items available in the Belize all inclusive fishing packages offered at Coco Plum Caye resort.
"Robert and Justin took us fishing. They were great! If the fish weren’t biting we moved to another spot in short order. They baited the hooks for us, educated us on the fish we caught, made us laugh and just showed us an overall great time. To top it off, Ms. Jude cooked the fish up for us and all the guests that night and it was soooo good!"