The Ultimate Honeymoon Experiences In Belize

Best All Inclusive Resorts For Honeymoons in Belize

Couples eager to honeymoon at an all inclusive Belize honeymoon resort will be delighted to learn that three of the nation’s top, award-winning destinations earn rave reviews from honeymooners finding more than they expected at Coco Plum Island Resort, Laru Beya Resort and Belizean Dreams Resort.

These three all inclusive Belize honeymoon resorts are unique, but they do share one thing in common: dedication to providing top-notch service from the moment you first contact the resort. No matter which you choose, you can be confident that your honeymoon will be unforgettable. Which of these resonates with you two most of all?

Should we stay at Coco Plum Island Resort?

Put this adults only island atop your list if you’ve always wanted to see what island vacationing feels like, you crave the ultimate in privacy and you are a proud advocate of environmental preservation. At Coco Plum, carefully curated Belize package add-on for your honeymoon not only relieve newlyweds of having to make decisions, but who doesn’t love the idea of an island capable of hosting a maximum of 42 guests at any given time?

The ability to stay secluded or as social as you wish is not just a desirable feature of this island but you won’t run into a single child on the 16-acre property. What you will encounter are the trappings of a storybook Belize honeymoon: beach beds, lounge chairs, private verandas, hammocks and cabanas so artfully situated that each provides a view of the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea.

Imagine dining on Caribbean dishes prepared by internationally-trained chefs at the resort’s restaurant which offers both indoor and al fresco options, or have your meals delivered to your cabana with a selection of local alcoholic beverages that are included in the price of your all inclusive package. Meals are prepared with local produce and seafood is so fresh, you’ve never tasted anything quite like it.

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Located just off the Belize coast, honeymooners eager to be out and about are welcome to participate in mainland or marine excursions on tour days. Returning to spotlessly clean and comfortable digs at day’s end after enjoying tours replenishes the soul for the next day's adventures. Sound like honeymoon heaven? It is. See for yourself what awaits if you choose this romantic island in the sun.

Should we stay at Belizean Dreams Resort?

As the only resort of the three located in the village of Hopkins — where there’s as much history as there is a welcoming community that's home to the Garifuna, the friendliest people you’ll meet — Belizean Dreams is not just lush and beautifully maintained surroundings, it's also intimate offering couples privacy.

This resort has won so many prestigious awards, staff is running out of wall space to display them all. But it’s the uniquely romantic environment craved by newlyweds that could make your decision. There are only 9 stand-alone villas and 7 seven boutique rooms located within the chic and contemporary ambiance of the newly-built Promenade building on site. Even the most modest boutique rooms deliver comfort, world-class service, hospitality and amenities guaranteed to please even the pickiest honeymooners.

But it’s the perks you’ll enjoy as part of the Belizean Dreams’ Couples Package that could help make up for any wedding extravaganzas hiccups you may have experienced. Is your idea of a great time enjoying on-property amenities like this resort's outstanding restaurant, beautiful pool, bountifully-stocked bar and opportunities to wander lush, tropical gardens when you're not occupying a relaxing hammock?

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Alternately, explore Hopkins where cultural delights, eateries and shops whet the appetite for all things Belizean — or sign up for jungle excursions, deep sea fishing, diving, scuba and activities that keep you moving from sun up to sun down — Belizean Dreams offers everything a honeymooner could want. Take advantage of current deals and discounts to you get your marriage off to the right start by saving money, too.

Should we stay at Laru Beya Resort?

Hammocks and ocean breezes come standard with every reservation at this honeymooner’s paradise located on the Placencia peninsula, an acknowledged top vacation destination in Belize due to its proximity and the nation’s most gorgeous beaches. Honeymooning on the peninsula comes with perks, like two “coasts,” one of which faces the Caribbean and the other facing the Placencia Lagoon.

Unlike the Coco Plum island, you could run into families at Laru Beya Resort. Blended family honeymooners love this resort because multi-room villa options accommodate more guests. When booking the Belize Honeymoon or Romance package, couples are invited to snuggle in an oceanfront suite, leaving their digs only when housekeeping comes to clean and freshen accommodations. Visit the open air Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar where delicious meals paired with tropical surroundings offer you a unique dining experience.

Packages include three gourmet meals and unlimited local beverages so you'll be well fed and pampered. Also indulge in your choice of an included couples massage or sunset cruise. For newlyweds whose biggest desire is to get out, explore and have fun — the resort's menu of offsite tours is filled with variety. These tours can be mixed, matched and tailored to your interests.

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Zip line over a jungle canopy, roam ancient Maya ruins, go river tubing and indulge your passion for aquatic sports by going diving, snorkeling and fishing. Alternately, enjoy hiking and cultural experiences designed to keep you entertained and engaged. Sound like the place you two would feel most at home? Check out Laru Beya Laru package rates to see if this is the Belize honeymoon destination you two seek.

Which Belize honeymoon resort piques your interest?

Can’t decide because all three Belize honeymoon packages sound amazing? We can’t help you make that decision, but a visit to each website can help you figure out which Belize honeymoon is right for you Coco Plum Island Resort, Laru Beya Resort and Belizean Dreams Resort. One word of caution: Healthy debates are the secret to long and happy marriages, so if you two can’t decide on one resort, you can always ask management about dividing up your time with a combination stay at two resorts. You won’t be the first couple to make this request, and why shouldn't you have exactly what you want?