Getting Married in Belize

Belize Wedding Requirements

Dreaming of a destination wedding? Belizean marriage is legal everywhere in the world. We can help you with either a civil or religious ceremony. Belize welcomes lovers with very few requirements, getting married in Belize is a straightforward process and its only a two or three hour flight from several major cities in the US.

Are weddings in Belize recognized all over the world?

Yes, weddings in Belize are recognized and legal all over the world.

What are the Belize wedding requirements?

You are required to stay in Belize for 72 hours prior to applying for your license, on the fourth business day your marriage application can be submitted to the Vital Statistics office in Belize City and on the fifth day, you will be married on your own private island. More details below:

  • A couple must be in the country for a minimum of three days (72 hours) prior to their marriage license application.
  • On the first business day after this three-day residency period, the marriage application can be submitted to the Vital Statistics office in Belize City.
  • The application process is one day and requires proof of citizenship with passport and an original birth certificate, original or certified copy of divorce certificate or death certificate, if applicable, and a Senior Justice of the Peace to witness the signing of the application. We will take the necessary forms and paperwork to Belize City for you (including your passports). Both the trip and the license fee are included in the wedding package rate.
  • After the one day application processing period (the 5th day of your stay) the license to marry will be ready. As an example, arrive on a Monday, get married on Friday.
  • Weddings must be performed by either a Senior Justice of the Peace who has authority to marry people or a Minister of a registered church. There must also be two witnesses, a male and a female.
  • A blood test is not required. Consent from a parent is not required if both partners are over 18 years of age.
  • The marriage must be registered with the Registry Department after the marriage ceremony has been completed.
  • We will assist you with your marriage license and the formal registration of your marriage. This processing takes about 10 weeks and your certificate will be mailed thereafter. Please note that weddings around the Christmas Holiday will require more processing time.

There is a minimum stay of seven nights for the wedding package. If you will be accompanied by a wedding party (the minimum stay for your guests is four nights), we recommend that you reserve the island at least eight months in advance of your stay.

What is the recommended attire?

We invite you to embrace Belize’s relaxed atmosphere and warm temperature by dressing in light, comfortable clothing. Belize has an average temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius). The “dry season” is between February and May, while the wet season brings occasional showers between June and November. Keep the season in mind in case you need to pack a rain jacket for your Belize wedding.

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