Coco Plum Lobster Fest 2023


Belize Island Accommodations

Your home away from home.

Set just steps away from the Caribbean Sea, these private oceanfront accommodations create a world of romance while presenting stunning views. The epitome of an island escape, all cabanas are stand-alone and have a balcony and entrance directly on the beach.

Coco Plum Island features standard, and premium suite style cabanas as well as one three bedroom / three bathroom overwater villa all with exteriors dressed in bold, tropical colors and spacious balconies overlooking the azure Caribbean Sea. From Cabana Rainforest to Cabana Journey, each accommodation type has a name reflective of the atmosphere and location along the coast of our island paradise. Complete with a king-size bed, modern amenities, and large windows framing unforgettable views, each cabana captures the true essence of a private island retreat.


Because the island is only 16 acres in size and all cabanas are positioned along the shore facing east, they are, no matter the category type, considered oceanfront. To enhance privacy and intimacy each are situated in a staggered manner, this essentially creates two rows of interspersed cabanas, no cabana obstructs the view of another. The cabanas that are set farther back get the additional benefit of even more privacy. The main difference between the cabana types is their size and proximity to our restaurant and bar. See our FAQ page for more details on the differences in cabana types.

After a day of soaking up the sun on your own island located 8 miles off the coast of Hopkins, relax in the comfort of our unique Belize accommodations.

Our oceanfront cabanas are the perfect hideaway for you and your loved one.