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Glover's Reef Belize Snorkeling

The Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest living barrier reef in the world, is located off the southern coast of Belize and is approximately 185 miles long with a multitude of coral formations and a large variety of marine life. Glover's Reef which is partially submerged and one of the Belize Barrier Reef's three atolls, forms the outermost boundary of the Barrier Reef. The Glover's Reef Marine Reserve was established in 1993 as a national protected area. In 1996, it was designated by UNESCO as one of seven protected areas that together form the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. This Glover's Reef specialty snorkel tour allows you to experience the wonder of the Belize Barrier Reef's pristine underwater world.

Glover's Reef Atoll Snorkeling

a la carte Tour
Gather a group of at least 6 friends to experience this snorkeling adventure tour

What to Expect: The islands along the Belize Barrier Reef are too numerous to name. They include three of the four coral atolls in the Caribbean, one of which is Glover's Atoll. Glover's Atoll is located approximately 16 miles outside of the Belize Barrier Reef and is comprised of a deep lagoon with as many as 850 coral patch reefs and six sandy cayes located on the reef crest.

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Glover’s Reef is known for its unique cut-offs, coral formations, and diversity of marine species. Even though Glover’s Reef is the smallest atoll, only 20 miles long, it boasts a reef that is over 50 miles long around its edge.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate
Timetable: 24 hour notice required. This can be arranged with the Guest Services Manager once you are on the island.
Departure Time: 7am
Return Time: 4pm
Included: snorkeling gear, boat transportation, certified guide, taxes & fees

What to bring:
swim wear, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, exposure protection, underwater camera, Dramamine, towel, and waterbottle

A La Carte Pricing:
$175/person with a 6 person minimum

NOTE: A La Carte Tours are not included in our All Inclusive Snorkel Package but can be booked separately. Contact our Reservation Team to express your interest in any of these tours. These tours and/or add-on services are confirmed upon arrival and can be paid for at check-out, as they are scheduled by the Front Desk. Kindly review our tour policies, which are listed on our policies page. The Deep Sea Fishing Tour has its own policy, which can be found on the Fishing Tour page.

"The activities were a lot of fun... the snorkel instructors, really went out of his way to make sure our adventure was perfect. He even took my go-pro pole and filmed stingrays, lobster, barracuda, you name it. We had so much fun on the dives. The reef is lively and gorgeous, we got so much great footage."
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