Rent a Private Tropical Island Close to Home? You’ll Want to Act Fast!

Jessica and Colin spent time during the pandemic lockdown trying to keep their romance alive despite being in each other’s company 24/7. Happily, it brought them even closer, but they desperately needed a change of venue located as far from their shared digs as possible.

So when Colin found himself wandering the Internet in search of paradise and happened upon the Coco Plum Island Resort website, his imagination soared.

Rent an island – brilliant!” he concluded. Colin sent the Coco Plum link to friends suggesting they all collaborate on a shared island rental – which is why they will be packing and heading to Coco Plum in October.

Can you emulate their plan? Of course you can – understanding that island rental slots have all been grabbed up for the rest of 2021. But, since 2022 is just 6 months away, making future plans now just makes sense.

Why planning now is essential for your group’s escape

It’s not too early to think about and start planning your group sojourn on the island once you assess bookable dates for late summer of 2022 and into 2023 by contacting island reservations at 1-800-763-7360. Once that’s done, up to 32 people can be accommodated on the island with each couple sharing the cost. Could anything be easier?

What can you expect from time on this adults-only (child-free), couples-only paradise? More than you imagine, all of it colorfully described on the island’s website. Everyone in your group can see how much bang they get from their buck by browsing details associated with your stay. Are there children in your group, no worries, with a full island rental, children in your group are welcome!

Luxurious accommodations, the friendliest staff in the hemisphere, tours that can be tailored to everyone’s desires and gourmet dining within an island atmosphere that continues to follow Covid-19 protocols for guest safety are just some of the perks you’ll enjoy. All you need at that point is a little patience as you anticipate the fun you and your travel partners can look forward to.

Private Island For Rent in Belize
But you don’t want to wait until 2022 and 2023!

We get it. You’ve been imagining yourself in snorkel gear, being waited on hand and foot, experiencing unprecedented privacy and intimacy and enjoying life as celebrities do, and you don’t want to wait. You may not have to. If your group consists of fewer than 27 people, there are still dates on Coco Plum’s sister resort’s calendar that aren’t completely booked, thus Manta Island Resort could prove to be as amazing for your retreat as Coco Plum would have been.

Take a look at the island for yourself. This lush property’s all inclusive packages are loaded with extras, including all of the luxury, service, lavish accommodations, dining and amenities guests crave – especially those who need an island getaway sooner rather than later. Love choices? They don’t get any better. Both islands are idyllic, restful, posh and exclusive, so you and your travel buddies couldn’t make a bad choice if you tried.

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