The Culture and Beauty of Belize

Belize’s culture is particularly fascinating due to deep roots originating in the nation’s populace which includes African, European, Caribbean, Asian, and other ethnicities. These are just a few of the cultural components that distinguish Belize from all other nations.

Belize’s food: Prepare your taste buds for an exotic amalgam of foods originating throughout the globe. Feast on spicy creole dishes, English corned beef, Mayan paca, dishes unique to Belize’s German Mennonite community and Hispanic favorites like rice and beans Belize-style.

Belize’s religion: A large segment of Belizeans are Roman Catholic, a faith brought to the land by Spanish priests. Colonization by the British introduced Protestantism, and spiritual practices with deep roots in Maya and Garifuna societies that pair Caribbean and African belief systems grounded in shamanism.

Belize’s languages: Having been colonized by Spanish and British colonists who exported slaves from Africa and the Caribbean rim, Belize languages include Mayan, Spanish, Creole, and the most frequently spoken: English. Visit and you could also hear German, Chinese, and Arabic dialects spoken by Belizeans.

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Belize music: Belize is most closely identified with percussion instruments, especially drums, essential to music traditions for which the Garifuna people are known. These descendants of West Africans and Arawaks consider drumming essential to all aspects of life, but contemporary music isn’t given short shrift. The Belize music scene is eclectic and includes Brukdown, Reggae, and rock and roll.

Belize marriage and family practices: Ceremonies and rituals associated with weddings range from high mass celebrating the nuptials of Catholic couples to ceremonies performed by priests that harken back to Caribbean, Garifuna, and Maya traditions. Single parenthood is widespread and bonds with grandparents are tight, which is why multi-generational families often live under one roof.

Belize recreation and sports: Tourists come to Belize specifically to scuba dive, swim, snorkel, fish, sail, and engage in other aquatic sports, but Belize athletes engage in a wide variety of pursuits, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field, cricket, jai alai, cycling and softball.

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Belize’s ethnic mix: A distinct cultural quilt of colors, faiths, rituals, belief systems, and practices, the blending of ethnicities gives Belizeans a sense of belonging while retaining distinct heritages. Mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s differences make Belize a nation known for its harmony.

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