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Belize Lobster Fest

Show off your lobster tail at our 7th annual Coco Plum Lobster Fest, an exclusive world where subtle natural beauty meets heartfelt celebration. Savor the understated sophistication of island living from October 23, 2024 through November 13, 2024. Every Wednesday, lobster feasts are unveiled, accompanied by the soulful melodies of Caribbean music and the rhythmic beats of live drumming.

Experience the warmth of our excellent service while you discover a sanctuary meant for both eco-luxury connoisseurs and lovers. Enjoy an array of games and activities, taste lobster specialties with complex flavors, and dance barefoot on the sand with abandon—all part of your All Inclusive vacation package.

Coco Plum offers a distinctive private island experience, where the depth of experiences, the closeness of connections, and the natural beauty of our secluded resort are of the highest priority. Spaces are limited for this once-a-year celebration of lobster. Book your piece of paradise today and discover what real barefoot luxury is all about at Coco Plum.

What is Belize Lobster Fest at Coco Plum? Enjoy lobster delicacies, live drumming, music, games and activities during your all inclusive stay at no additional cost!

When is Belize Lobster Fest at Coco Plum? Lobster Fest will run for 4 weeks, each Wednesday from October 23, 2024 - November 13, 2024. Book your stay before availability closes!


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Lobster Fest is lobster paradise in Belize

The bountiful catch that delights Belize fishermen, citizens and tourists alike kicks off on June 1st every year and by July, the entire nation turns into one big lobster salute. On the private island of Coco Plum, staff invites visitors to submerge their senses in all-things-lobster.

You won't have to leave the island unless you want to because the Belize All Inclusive Snorkel Package offered this season includes activities like snorkeling and catching your own crustaceans. What starts out as a fun activity can morph into your dinner by sundown. When Coco Plum Island Resort staff insists that your lobster is going to be fresh, they’re referring to your goal of catching these delicacies during your stay.

Must you leave the island?

Only if you insist on taking part in a long list of lobster-related activities held on the mainland before returning to the island and your lush accommodations. Lobster Fest is one of the nation's biggest spectacles and your hosts can let you in on the parades, parties and festivals held throughout the country that pay tribute to lobsters. Things get so crazy, you may run into people dressed in lobster suits. We promise not to tell if you are one of them.

Sticking around on Coco Plum Resort for the entirety of your stay promises to be the most idyllic option of all. This tiny paradise is devoid of crowds and noise but delivers on gourmet dining offering dishes prepared by island chefs who never met a lobster they couldn't prepare to perfection. Inform your taste buds that parties will be held in your mouth every time you sample a selection of lobster delicacies such as lobster ceviche, lobster fritters, curry lobster patties and more! Each Lobsterfest culminates with a delicious dinner complete with a grilled lobster tail.

There's lots to do without leaving the island

Sway to the sounds of live drumming while being entertained by Coco Plum hosts who are already preparing friendly games and competitions just for guests who love to have a good time. Every guest is ensconced in a private oceanfront cabana where sounds of the surf washing up on the beach are as delicious as the lobster-filled meals you enjoy.

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But here's a detail that could get stuck in your craw: Because the island is so small and cabanas are so few, only those who book early can be accommodated, which is why you won't want to wait to reserve your hideaway so there’s a place at the table for you and members of your party.

How to make sure you don't miss this seasonal celebration? Contact the Coco Plum Island Resort Reservation Team right now so you can start planning your trip. Throwing your favorite lobster bib into your suitcase when you pack won't add an ounce to the weight of your luggage, so don't leave home without it.

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