Decide Where to Stay in Belize in 2024 Right Now!

To which school of thought do you belong as 2023 ends? Will you look back on the year with nostalgia and warm memories? Or will 2023 be the year you’d as soon forget? Writer Andy Corbley says that no matter which describes your mindset, the simple act of planning a trip down the road has been scientifically proven to boost mental health.

Why come up with a game plan now when 2024 seems so far away? Because the act of thinking about the tropical oasis that awaits can offer you benefits that just keep coming: hope, warm feelings, a sense of promise, and a reason to feel upbeat, even in the darkest hours. Just knowing that paradise awaits can improve your outlook on life dramatically.

It’s called travel planning therapy

Belize Island Vacation

“It’s amazing how picking up the phone to do my hotel bookings can make me take a deep breath and let go of the day,” notes writer Ipshita Sharma. She says that every effort she makes to further her desire for a vacation changes the way she approaches even negative situations. Making an itinerary is fun. Scouting out unusual places to see while in-country is exciting. And compiling a list of adventures you’d like to try—but have yet to do so—can be downright intoxicating.

Why choose Belize to experience all the above? Because you won’t waste time getting from your airport to Belize, you won’t have to learn another language, and because the nation is home to so many things to do, see, and enjoy, choices are abundant. That said, if an opportunity to sojourn on an adults-only island off Belize’s shore sounds like the ultimate bucket list trip, perhaps 2024 should be the year you discover Coco Plum Island Resort, the ultimate bucket list item for couples.

The wisdom of deciding right now

Whether you tend to overthink when making decisions, you tend to jump into things quickly, or you’re like most people—somewhere in the middle—there are times when advance planning can be beneficial. You get more time to select airline flights. You can stock up on resort wear when discounts hit the racks. Importantly, each time life takes a negative jog, you can take a deep breath and say, “Belize awaits!” Best of all, this small island, with limited guest capacity, can probably confirm dates that best suit your schedule if you book now.

What else can you look forward to? Birding at nearby Man-O-War Caye. Jungle and marine tours. Coco Plum’s kayaks, paddle boards and Hobie catamaran, and you’re invited to indulge your inner fish non-stop throughout your stay by scuba diving the Belize Barrier reef, snorkeling and taking advantage of the resort’s swimming pool. The Belize All Inclusive Snorkel Package is your key to carefree island vacationing. Add-ons fulfill your desire to do more! Reasons to book your Belize stay right now? A better question would be, what’s stopping you from saying yes?

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