Slow Down Weary Go-Getter! This Belize Island Resort Was Designed for You

WebMD contributor Kathleen Zelman has a message for people throughout the world who are in such a perpetual rush, life passes them by. She points to the planet’s rising obesity rate, saying that because we “eat too fast” we endanger our health. Scholars at San Jose University say that eating isn’t our only issue. Faculty authors published this book: Busier than Ever! Why American Families Can’t Slow Down.

Sound familiar? Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel at times? You can bemoan your situation or opt for a vacation that forces you to relax and smell the roses—or in the case of Belize’s Coco Plum Island Resort, smell the ocean breezes. This small, adults-only paradise offers guests time to think, relax, and get off that treadmill long enough to realize that it’s not money, fame, or power that enriches life; it’s contentment! Find that in excess at this amazing destination.

Slowing down is easier than you imagine

Life may be moving at the speed of light, but on this island, where palm trees outnumber guests, you’ll revel in living on island time, especially if you adopt these 7 habits favored by folks who prefer life in the slow lane.

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings. It helps to re-calibrate your pace.
  2. Be present in the moment. This is especially important while engaging in aquatic diversions during your sojourn. 
  3. Wean yourself from your device. It’s easier to do when you’ve left the complexities of life on shore!
  4. Re-discover the art of the personal conversation over intimate gourmet dinners that help you connect and re-calibrate your relationship and the pace at which you dine.
  5. Don’t push yourself to do what you can’t. If ziplining doesn’t feel right, there are too many other things to do on the Coco Plum tour menu that will feel right.
  6. Prioritize fun. Most of us don’t allow ourselves enough fun time. Slowing down has a way of resurrecting the spirit while re-energizing our playful sides. 
  7. Make friends with silence. With only 18 oceanfront cabanas and few guests on the island, find silence everywhere you roam.

Belize Island Resort

Activities galore thanks to Coco Plum’s all-inclusive package

Read the inclusions associated with the resort’s bundle and expect to be delighted. Turn the resort’s Serenity Spa services into the gift you give yourself in return for your Herculean slow-down efforts. Use the yoga deck to center your soul!

If you’re convinced that Coco Plum Island Resort is the haven you have looked for, you may wish to sit down to read this news: A 4th of July Flash Sale remains in effect for a short time, so on top of the other pleasures your mission to slow down delivers, you could save money too. This special comes with restrictions, so slow down to read the small print and then make your reservation!

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