Belize Specialty Tours

Dive into all the thrills, natural beauty, and rich culture that make Belize such a mind-blowing destination. Our Belize Specialty Tours are added excursions and activities that will help make your Belize vacation one to remember. You can also add new activities and experiences such as a romantic sunset cruise around the island—complete with a bottle of wine, fruit platter and cheese and crackers—or a cultural tour of Hopkins Village on the mainland.

As a locally owned and managed resort, we surely know all the secret spots and hidden gems that Belize has to offer. From our specialty snorkeling tour to Glover’s Reef Atoll, guided fishing and diving trips along the Southern Barrier Reef, or lobster & conch catching excursions, we can’t wait to show our guests why Belize is often referred to as, "Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret."


Any tours not listed as a scheduled tour are considered Belize Specialty Tours. Specialty tours are not included in our all inclusive vacation packages and can be purchased separately. Please see each Specialty Tour’s page for details.