9 Incredible, Almost Unbelievable Facts About Belize

Love lists? Love facts? How about tidbits so unique, you find yourself sharing newfound information with friends so they too can marvel at these revelations. We’ve unearthed 9 Belize facts guaranteed to make you look like a Brainiac next time you talk about geography. A few of these are startling. A few are downright funny. Each one is likely to leave you curious to learn more about this fascinating nation.

Fact #1: The sky’s the limit when it comes to relaxation. Sunny skies prevail year-round, relaxation is prioritized at private islands like Coco Plum, a private island Belize resort where you’ll find amenities that know no boundaries.

Fact #2: Belize food is in a class on its own. From hudut (a traditional Garifuna fish stew) to rice and beans cooked in coconut milk, Coco Plum chefs have the advantage of locally-grown organic produce, thus guests discover the ultimate in freshness – not to mention being surrounded by an ocean full of seafood.

Fact #3: Belize always gets a thumbs up from travel writers. Name a publication, travel authority or award-winning writer not drawn to the magic of Belize. Some stories talk about origin myths that include a thumbless dwarf. Others mention Belize greeting customs that include thumb locking. Your visit to Coco Plum could include catching your own dinner with the help of staff so you’re not all-thumbs when you reel your catch in!

Fact #4: You can vacation in multiple nations by headquartering in Belize. At less than 9,000 miles in size, the borders of myriad nations are often just an hour’s drive away so if you’d like to collect an impressive number of passport stamps over a short period of time, your Coco Plum host is happy to help you do it.

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Fact #5: Run into celebrities? Yes, please. Belize is the place celebs come because everyone speaks English, the nation is easy to navigate, there are no friendlier people in Central America and they get all of the privacy they crave. Tourists who aren’t famous come for the same reasons!

Fact #6: The Belize Barrier Reef is just second of its kind on the planet, which is why marine biologists, world-famous divers, underwater explorers and photographers can’t get enough of this coral reef. Visitors to Coco Plum feel the same way – which is why so many stay on the island just to be close to the reef.

Fact #7: Belize is paradise for hermits. The nation’s population is amazingly low. Plenty of villages prohibit cars. Others don’t remember the last time a crowd gathered. With just a handful of luxury accommodations on Coco Plum, your lifelong quest for solitude is guaranteed on this island.

Fact #8: Belize is home to the only jaguar preserve on Earth. These dudes aren’t about to make themselves known on a regular basis to folks visiting the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, but for the sharp-eyed tourist, it’s possible to spot one of these, so tap the resort’s tour menu and you could become one of them.

Fact #9: Belize will soon open its borders to tourists, so perhaps the most amazing facts are island booking rates and opportunities to finally leave your state of sequestration for the majesty and tranquility of an island in the sun. Find out more about money-saving Belize all inclusive vacations that set new standards for fun, the latest health protocols and so much more at: CocoPlumCay.com.

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