Which Belize Island Offers the Best Tropical Getaway?

Weary of fake news? You were probably relieved to find that reports circulated recently about the death of legendary singer Harry Belafonte were as fake as news gets. Still active at age 95, the singer, songwriter, actor, activist, and “Lord of Calypso,” is thriving and much of his creative work pays tribute to his love for all aspects of Caribbean culture. 

“Island in the Sun,” a tribute to his roots, not only remains among his most-famous compositions but it’s an homage to all Caribbean islands, given with its plaintive lyric, “Oh, island in the sun, Willed to me by my father’s hand, all my days I will sing in praise, Of your forest, waters, Your shining sand.” 

“Island in the Sun” may refer to Belafonte’s Jamaican roots, but you don’t have to go there to experience the sanctity, beauty, and tranquility of a Caribbean island. Come to Belize and where a small, private adults-only haven offers an exquisite island experience. Coco Plum Island Resort is the first choice for discriminating couples who couldn’t imagine staying on any other island.

It’s the ultimate restorative getaway

Island vacations are truly unique because resort guests are so far removed from the mainland where even the smallest, most laid-back towns and villages still hum with activity. Repair to Coco Plum and benefits flow into your body and soul the minute you’re transported across turquoise seas to a welcoming staff awaiting you on the dock. You’ll be taken to your quarters, likely marveling at how isolated each cabana is from neighboring accommodations. For guests craving privacy and intimacy, this is paradise. 

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What can you expect from your sojourn at Coco Plum Island Resort?

  • A feeling of tranquility amid trees, flowers, and bushes that dot the landscape.
  • The music of the sea is just steps away from your accommodations. 
  • No land-based resort has the capacity to de-stress your mind and body as quickly. 
  • Guests operate on island time. Some indulge in every water sport available. Others earmark hammocks and beach lounges for the entirety of their holidays.
  • Spending nights under the stars and moonlit sky inspires dream-filled sleep.
  • Fewer guests mean exquisite personal service from staff eager to have you return.

Worry- and detail-free vacationing is yours

Having already realized how laid-back a vacation can be at Coco Plum, you’ll delight in the barometer that sets the tone for every guest booking: The island’s Belize all-inclusive package menu. Browse selections and match them to your desires, budget, and time constraints and you need not engage your brain again until you’re ready to leave your island paradise.

Check out the details of Coco Plum’s Belize vacation special described on this website page to help yourself to additional savings, then get ready to be inspired as a prelude to your visit. We recommend playing vintage YouTube footage of Harry Belafonte singing “Island in the Sun” from his iconic album, Belafonte Sings of the Caribbean. The urge to pack will be simply irresistible!

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