Unwind and Recharge During a Therapeutic Belize Island Vacation

Scientist Matthew Lieberman became fascinated with this question: Why is every human wired to connect with others? Scientific American editors say that this need is so “powerful,” people who don’t make meaningful connections experience both physical and emotional pain.

But plenty of Lieberman’s colleagues think society has gone too far. We’re so wired these days; disconnecting has become equally painful. This phenomenon has been aided and abetted by technology. If just the thought of not having your device on your person 24/7 is enough to keep you awake all night, you’re not just wired; you’re addicted!

Folks seeking antidotes to this condition often say that the best way to start their recovery efforts is to vacation at a place conducive to recharging and re-energizing their bodies and minds. The ideal place? A Caribbean island off the Belize coast is your ticket to sanity if you choose Coco Plum Island Resort to launch your efforts.

Lost in the solitude of a picture-perfect resort where you’re surrounded by beach and invited to set your watch on island time, Coco Plum’s environs are as much a sanctuary as a place to have fun, especially if you opt for the Belize all-inclusive snorkel package where a private beachfront cabana, meals, local alcoholic beverages, air and boat transfers are some of the perks that promote worry-free relaxation. If you’re looking to divert your mind as you change your habit, a la carte tours and add-ons are yours for the asking.

 Belize Island Vacation

6 Tips for un-wiring yourself during your island stay

Having removed yourself from all things familiar, use these tips to help to retrain your mind before you leave:

  1. Dying to check your phone? Head for the beach or swimming pool. Need more stimulation? Borrow a resort kayak, stand-up paddle board, or pilot a Hobie Cat.
  2. Stop sleeping with your device. Surely you can think of better things to do on this romantic island where privacy and intimacy are great substitutes for electronics.
  3. Challenge yourself to one full day of abstinence during your stay. Reward yourself with services at the Serenity Spa.
  4. Employ a “forks over phones” mantra during meals. Pay attention to the amazing cuisine prepared by Coco Plum chefs and don’t skip dessert!
  5. Figure out what triggers your obsession. During your Coco Plum stay, make a list of reasons you’re scared to disconnect. It’s likely to be a short one.
  6. Make friends with apps like Feedly or Inoreader. These services track your favorite sites so everything you are afraid of missing will be waiting for you when you return.

Importantly, enjoy your new-found freedom and become fully engaged with activities and curiosity-satisfying experiences electronics could never offer provide. Are you ready to slay the technology dragon? Coco Plum won’t disappoint. Just ask frequent guests who wouldn’t dream of vacationing elsewhere—some of whom keep their devices in their luggage throughout their sojourns!

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