Coco Plum Island Resort’s Rewards Program Invites You to a Fifth Free Belize Vacation

Who doesn’t love reward programs? They save money and research proves that every time you save money, you feel “more liberated.” The anticipation of getting a deal activates “pleasure centers” in the brain, and there are more reasons to be enthused about them if the reward you seek is associated with travel. Who doesn’t love to be rewarded for taking a restorative vacation? How about planning for five of them?

As leaves turn color and signs of autumn progress, do your thoughts turn to warm Caribbean waters as an antidote to the shorter days and more darkness you’re experiencing? How about taking advantage of a reward program that offers you multiple trips to paradise? Belize’s epicenter of tropical tranquility, Coco Plum Island Resort, has a rewards program you’ll want to know more about, so keep reading.

The delight is in the details

The Coco Plum Reward Program is easy to understand, and easier to take advantage of, and it’s designed to say thank you for your loyalty. You can start the process immediately by booking an island stay. You will be given a 10% discount on your next stay. This generous offer doesn’t stop there.

Return four times and your fifth vacation at Coco Plum is on the house. Feeling a bit skeptical? We can’t blame you for being cautious given many “too-good-to-be-true” offers floating about the travel universe, but Coco Plum stands behind its solid reputation for making good on promises, and here’s a taste of the restrictions associated with this program:

  • You can use the 10% discount for stays at Coco Plum or sister resorts Manta Island, Belizean Dreams, and Laru Beya.
  • You must reserve directly and cite the Return Guest Discount Program when you book.
  • Keep tabs on your four qualifying stays at Coco Plum so that the fifth holiday can be verified.
  • The 5th free stay only applies to a stay at Coco Plum Island Resort.
  • Stays at our sister properties will not be applied towards your 5th stay at Coco Plum Island Resort.
  • This rewards program can’t be applied to Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year’s stays.
  • Room upgrades and local transfers aren’t covered by this program.
  • Standard rescheduling and cancellation policies remain in place.
  • This program can’t be used to rent the island, book the Wedding Package, tours, or spa services.
  • Review all the terms and conditions in detail.

Coco Plum Resort Rewards program

Reward programs like this don’t come along every day…

…and you are likely to feel the same way one couple noted after their first stay on Coco Plum: “I have never wanted to return to a place as much as I want to return to Coco Plum. It is stunning and magical and perfect in every way.” Go one step further and vacation at multiple locations under the umbrella of this collection of resorts.

Imagine knowing that your fifth stay at Coco Plum won’t cost you a penny, but this resort is small, so the earlier you buy into the program, the more leeway you have on future dates. If you want to be among the fortune few, jump on this program now and mention the Coco Plum Rewards Program. Then get busy shopping for new luggage, since you’ll be doing a lot of traveling down the road!

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