Doctor’s Orders: Rent This Private Island off the Belize coast in 2021!

Dr. Nina Radcliff does more than hand out prescriptions to patients. She’s also an expert on human behavior, which is why her article about how gathering with family and friends improves lives has gotten so much attention. Describing togetherness as a major determinant in one’s physical health, she writes that time together with folks you love is every bit as important as good sleep and a good diet. Shared experiences, she notes, can even help you live longer.

Given the daunting pandemic experience that changed the lives of people around the world, what better way to spend time with the people you care most about than by suggesting a group vacation on a private island in Belize? It’s the ultimate place for quality time between individuals and don’t discount the pleasure of being together in an environment that is sunny, relaxing, luxurious — and yes, it can be an affordable getaway too.

Rent Coco Plum Island Resort in 2021

“Rent an island?” At first, your closest travel buddies will think you’re joking. That’s when you open your device, bring up the Coco Plum Island Resort website island rental page, and show them that you’re perfectly sane!

Explain the reasons this world-class resort has been honored by every prestigious travel authority on the planet, the convenience of vacationing in Belize (e.g., everyone speaks English and the plane ride is just a few hours long) and mention that if everyone splits the cost of this island retreat, it will easily be as affordable as choosing a facility at home where the weather, friendly people and access to the Caribbean Sea can’t compare.

Everything you need (and want) is included

As an all inclusive resort, Coco Plum provides guests with the ideal combination of services and perks that include daily gourmet meals, luxury accommodations, unlimited local beverages, transport to and from the island, land, and water adventure tours, taxes, and extras. And because your travel party has chosen to vacation alone, the only folks you will run into are staff members who are the epitome of discretion and helpfulness.

Sound too good to be believed? It’s all true — and demand for the entire island’s rental is higher than you think, which is why your reservation must be secured between 12 and 18 months in advance of the day you and your party will arrive. Choose from a Saturday to Saturday stay or make it Sunday to Sunday.

Island rental for 32 guests (maximum) will cost each member of your party less than $2,500 per person during the low season! A week on a private island where every service and cost is covered? The excursions that are included in the island rental plus staff and incidentals are easily equal to the amount you would spend had you stayed home and gone sightseeing as a group.

Customize your Belize island experience

Don’t miss scrolling to the bottom of the page cited above so you read the unsolicited reviews written by guests who have rented the entire island. Their successful getaways can incentivize you to envision your crowd soak up sun and fun on the island. Call the reservations team at (800) 763-7360 during business hours to discuss an island experience that is likely to be the highlight of your group’s year and the perfect way to celebrate a return to normal!

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