Make This Lush Belize Island Resort Your Virtual Office

Have you noticed that the concept of virtual work has become accepted worldwide, even at companies that once swore they would never let staffers work from home? As one of the only positive outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic, you can take your files, your projects, and your resources anywhere you want to go. How about a lush island in the Caribbean Sea where you could spend your coffee breaks doing endless laps in a pool?

Coco Plum Island Resort could easily become your virtual office. For starters, plane rides home for important conferences and meetings only take a few hours, everyone speaks English so no need to sign up for language lessons, and can you think of a single reason to say no to a small, lush island where luxury is king?

Choose The “Linger Longer” Belize Vacation Special

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Consider the resort’s “Linger Longer” offer. It’s tailor-made for virtual careerists and if you want to show your boss that you’re not just lying in the sun, bring along a shirt, tie, and jacket or dressy blouse so you look professional from the waist up when you engage in Zoom sessions with colleagues and clients.

Are there rules and restrictions associated with this open invitation? Just a few. You must book your extended stay for travel dates between October 3, 2020, and December 18, 2020. Discounted rates for these stays are amazing: Stick around for two weeks and your bill drops by 10-percent; make it three weeks and the discount is 20-percent. Stay a month and 30-percent of your resort bill is discounted. If you’ve got a serious project requiring focus and extended periods of time to finish it, Coco Plum is your solution.



Save Time, Money and Do Not Stress!

Feeling skeptical? We get it. But package details are enticing. The all-inclusive plan provides every perk and amenity you can imagine. Coco Plum staff calls this the “Just Chillin’” package for a reason: A long list of extras is included with this unique offer. Certain restrictions apply, this offer only applies to direct bookings and double occupancy is required. Your secretary, perhaps? Maybe you like your boss enough to include him or her!

How do you go about getting in on this “business expense”? Your reservation must be new and no other offers can be combined. Further, to make sure you get this exact deal, use the “EXTENDEDWEB” code when making reservations. But act as soon as you can since the island is small. Once word gets out to other remote workers looking to do their jobs in a paradise-like setting, they will start snagging the resort’s small number of digs fast — especially once Belize’s airport reopens on October 1, 2020!

Your cabana awaits. Do whatever you must to churn out enough work to justify your stay, and no need to inform your boss or colleagues about the gorgeous accommodations, gourmet food, and inspiring sunsets you enjoy every day. Attend Zoom meetings after you’ve been out enjoying the sun. Who’s to know that the sweat on your brow isn’t the result of doubling down on your productivity?

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