Feeling Blue? No Worries. Grab a Jet Blue Direct Flight and Head For Belize!

If asked by survey takers to name the color you most associate with the Caribbean, there’s a better-than-even choice you would respond with “Blue.” It’s easy to see why. Caribbean waters can look like a painting by Monet composed of shades that run the gamut from soft turquoise to twilight blue. The PPG Paint Company even sells a shade of blue that is so calming and lush, they named it Caribbean Sea.

Was Jet Blue Airline founder David Needleman inspired by the oceans over which his new low-cost travel brand traversed? Possibly, though the sky above is just as soothing and tranquil, and the company’s marketers are not without a sense of humor. Every plane in the fleet is assigned a name that’s clever and fun, like Big Apple Blue, Blue Jean Baby, and Blues Brothers.

But Jet Blue had New York City in mind when it designated one plane “Idlewild Blue,” the original name of New York’s busiest airport. Re-dedicated in 1963 as John F. Kennedy Airport, the symbiotic relationship between Jet Blue and Caribbean references came full circle when Jet Blue recently announced that it was launching non-stop service to Belize from New York City!

A partnership made in blue heaven

A formal announcement by the Belize Tourism Board broke the news: Starting on December 6, 2023, nonstop service between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Belize’s Phillip S.W. Goldson Airport would begin. Travelers can book Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday flights on the only airline offering nonstop New York to Belize service. Limited $59, $149, $159, and $179 fares celebrate this new partnership, as of the time of this writing.

In return for these affordable fares, a sojourn in the Belize sun awaits at the end of lights that treat every passenger to extra legroom in coach, live TV, on-demand entertainment, Fly-Fi broadband internet, complimentary snacks, and soft drinks. “We are thrilled to welcome JetBlue’s first-ever flight to Belize in December” enthused Belize’s Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations Anthony Mahler.

Jet Blue Belize Flight

Where will you stay? On an island, of course

Given such exciting news, you’ll want to sojourn at a resort that offers the most authentic Belize experience, thus only a Caribbean island will do. Coco Plum Island Resort was designed with tranquility, privacy, and relaxation in mind, and once your Jet Blue flight touches the ground, you’ll be whisked away to your destination as part of the Belize all-inclusive package that takes care of your stay, including the local and boat transport that gets you to Coco Plum.

Your objective may be to do nothing but veg out, visit the island’s Serenity Spa and yoga deck, and allow your body to adapt to island time, but if you want to do more, add-ons & a la carte tours can introduce you to Belize jungles, Maya ruins, and adventures in addition to the snorkeling experience included with your package. Who should you thank for this largesse? Start with Jet Blue and end by thanking yourself for being wise enough to grab this opportunity!

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