The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Your Belize Vacation

Have you ever over-packed but never worn half the items you brought along? On the other hand, maybe you tend to pack so few items, that you spend half of your vacation shopping. Whichever category you fall into, it’s likely you would benefit from a recent Huffington Post article suggesting using “The 333 Method” for travel packing. This is advice you can use, especially if your goal is to fit everything into a carry-on.

According to reporter Caroline Bologna, nomads can not only push style creativity and make better wardrobe choices using the 333 formula, but you get the bonus of stashing the carry-on in the overhead bin with ease. Here’s the method: Pack three tops, three bottoms, and three pair of shoes, making sure everything is in just two colors (e.g., white, and blue) and voila! You’ve got a dozen looks to show off.

Do you really need three pairs of shoes?

Belize Summer Vacation

Not if you’re taking a Caribbean escape to a small island with so few other guests on-premises, you are more likely to rely upon flip-flops throughout your tenure, so omit a pair of shoes and add a swimsuit or two in place of the shoes. You won’t need much more, savvy traveler, since Coco Plum Island Resort is so laid-back, casual, and relaxed, there’s a chance that the only time you’ll encounter other guests will be if you dine at the island’s restaurant or perhaps take tours.

There’s no dress code on the island and given the fact that there are so few private oceanfront cabanas thoughtfully placed around the shoreline, this could be the most laid-back sojourn you’ve ever experienced—especially once you learn about Coco Plum’s Belize All Inclusive Snorkel Package that covers everything you require for a fabulous stay. Further, wear anything you like. No fashion police on the island.

If you’re planning a stay at Coco Plum and are interested in a full packing list, just reach out to the reservation team and they’d be happy to send one to you!

To tour or not to tour—that is never the question!

Shakespeare would be hard-pressed to say no to Coco Plum’s tour menu. It’s packed with experiences you can expect from a Belize island resort that wins multiple travel awards annually, and having an onsite spa and yoga deck adds to the island amenities that are everywhere you turn.

Further, there are no bad tour choices, notes one repeat Coco Plum couple. “My wife and I stayed twice as active on this trip than any other resort we had been to in the last 5-10yrs. Between the snorkel trips (absolutely awesome) to the land excursions, we were having the time of our lives!”

It may surprise you to learn that there are current travel deals to be had. The first offers you a chance to stay at two island resorts (Coco Plum and sister Manta Island Resort), while the second comes with a $50 per night discount for a fall getaway. Both require adhering to specific guidelines, but if you’re speedy about claiming one of them, you’ll be glad you did. Further, given these generous offers, you’ll be having too much fun to care what you wear during your stay in paradise!

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