What to Know About Visiting Belize in the Rainy Season

“When heading to tropical destinations, I now almost exclusively travel during the rainy season,” says blogger Alexandra Saper. “If you ask me, it’s the best time to travel.” She insists benefits far outweigh inconveniences and she’s not alone. Why would you want to travel to the tropics during the rainy season? Once you read these perks, you’ll say, “Rain? What rain?”, pack your bags and head south!

  • You’ll avoid crowds. When you arrive at a spectacular waterfall, you wind up splashing around with 7 visitors rather than 70. Show up for sunrise and you could be all alone!
  • Rainy seasons make landscapes pop. Trees and plants are greener. The flowers are gorgeous. In Belize, if you wait a short while, the rain stops, and everything shimmers with color. Rainy conditions even impact the photos you snap. Bright sunlight can trigger overexposure, distracting from the magic of your prize shot.
  • Don’t believe the weather people. Just because it’s the rainy season that doesn’t mean every inch of your vacation venue is underwater. Weather reports apply to large areas of terrain. You may not experience a single drop
  • The rainy season is the upgrade season. Folks seeking weather perfection often abandon their plans and cancel accommodations, tours, and activities. Guess who is the beneficiary of these cancellations? Why not you?
  • Money savings from rainy season travel are legendary. Your dollar already stretches far in Belize, and when demand is low, deals you would never find during dry season pop up like bougainvillea. Discounts are everywhere you look.
  • If you’re the impulsive type who decides on a whim that it would be great to get away right now, the rainy season is an especially great time to visit Belize because the freedom to be flexible is everywhere you turn.

Compare these perks to the inconveniences of the dry season when it often feels like all of humanity shows up at the same place, and as a bonus, locals are grateful for folks choosing this season, so expect an extra measure of friendliness and gratitude because you’re helping buoy the area’s economy.

When to visit Belize

The secret to vacationing in the rainy season? Don’t try to stay dry!

Having applied due diligence to items suggested to travelers who expect to stay wet—quick-dry garments, non-slip footwear, and an absence of togs made with thick, dark fabrics—add a water-resistant cellphone case to your gear list and include a box of waterproof bags in your luggage. You’ll use them for everything.

The ideal place to max out rainy season getaways? A lush island off the Belize shoreline where you’re already surrounded by the Caribbean Sea! At Coco Plum Island Resort, life goes on as scheduled, rain or shine. Swim, dive, fish, sail, snorkel, and tool around on a kayak. You won’t have to compete with crowds in the pool either.

A fold-down poncho is all you need for activities requiring you to stay dry, but there are so few of these, you’ll want to go with the flow and stay wet until you clean up for dinner at the resort’s onsite restaurant. It’s freeing to get and stay wet. It’s the reason you jumped into puddles as a kid. Islands in the sun are nice. Islands in the rain are spectacular!

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