30 Great Reasons to Visit Belize in April 2020

Belize in April is heaven. Staying at the luxurious Coco Plum Island Resort is equally divine, no matter how many days you stick around.

April 1: Marks the start of Belize’s temperate weather cycle offering 85-degree days.

April 2: It’s international produce day. April’s National Agriculture Fair often hosts up to 40,000 visitors but it’s the dishes served by Coco Plum’s creative chefs that could turn you into a fruit and veggie fan.

April 3 is Find a Rainbow Day. In case a brief shower pops up on the island, stick around until to see that rainbow.

April 4: World Rat Day. Gibnut, a Belize delicacy, was served to Queen Elizabeth and nicknamed The Royal Rat. Try some.

April 5: On Road Map Day, leave the island long enough to take a driving tour of Belize, a nation so small, the east-west distance is only 62 miles wide.

April 6: It’s New Beers Eve. Belikin beer is always on ice at Coco Plum’s thatched-roof bar and restaurant.

April 7: On World Health Day restore your energy at the resort’s overwater spa where therapeutic massages await. Revitalize your senses with sunset yoga overlooking the Caribbean Sea and Maya Mountains.

April 8: It’s Draw a Bird Day. You don’t have to be an artist to chill out at the Coco Plum pool with a sketch pad. Order a tropical cocktail for inspiration.

April 9: On Winston Churchill Day, remember the famous Brit. Until Belize gained its independence, it was once called British Honduras.

April 10: On Farm Animals Day, Visit Belize’s Mennonite settlers who are likely responsible for delivering the milk for your coffee from their dairy farms.

April 11: Celebrate Pie Day by ordering extra desserts. Borrow one of the resort’s kayaks, Hobie cat, stand-up paddle board or all three to work off those treats.

April 12: Celebrate Walk on Your Wild Side Day by diving with Whale Sharks, the largest non-mammalian creatures on Earth. They don’t stick around Belize for long, but you might catch a glimpse them in April.

April 13: Make Lunch Count Day is best celebrated on a day tour sorted by Coco Plum’s staff. Pick your destination and packed lunches will be prepared for your journey.

April 14: Culinary star Ms. Jude can celebrate Gardening Day with you at the resort kitchen, teaching you to prepare yummy Garifuna dishes with garden-fresh ingredients.

April 15: Take a Wild Guess Day calls for a celebration if you chose a Belize all inclusive during the start of low season where your dollar stretches like crazy.

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April 16: On Stress Awareness Day, go back to the spa. It’s been 10 days since your first island massage, and one is never enough.

April 17: It’s Bat Appreciation Day. Ask your host about a cave tour or jungle trek so you can spot these critters hanging around.

April 18: On Herbalist Day, take a rainforest tour. Over 25-percent of the world’s pharmaceuticals come from Belize. Your tour guide can help you identify them.

April 19: On Good Friday, stay away from the ocean so you don’t turn into a mermaid! This superstition has been around longer than most Belizeans.

April 20: Chocolate Covered Cashews Day is your excuse to indulge in Belize chocolates, cashew wine and delicacies produced by the nation’s biggest crops. Don’t deny yourself.

April 21: Easter is more than a sacred day; it’s the date on which the Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic is staged. Show up to cheer cyclists on.

April 22: Spend Earth Day exploring Belize’s indigenous peoples. The nation is home to 900+ Maya ruins. April is an ideal month to visit as many of them as you can.

April 23: It’s English Language Day and you’re not spending your entire vacation staring at your translation app because everyone in Belize speaks English.

April 24: Because it’s Pinhole Photography Day, you can drive your friends crazy by sending them snaps of sunsets shot from your luxury digs on the island.

April 25: You know what Mani-pedi Day means, right? Back to the spa.

April 26: Belize’s Audubon Society has been a major presence since 1969, so spend this Audubon Day enjoying the nation’s wildlife parks, refuges and sanctuaries.

April 27: It’s Go Birding Day and Belize is the epicenter of Central America birding. Coco Plum staff can fix you up with a birding tour that will knock your socks off.

April 28 is Superhero Day. Test your mettle by tubing into a mysterious cave and saying “yes” to the famous Black Hole Drop.

April 29: Zipper Day doesn’t have to be all about garment closures if you’re in Belize. Take that zip line adventure. Flying over a jungle or rainforest canopy is awesome.

April 30: If crowded clubs aren’t your thing, spend international Jazz Day by picking a tour from the Coco Plum menu that ends your April visit with a flourish.

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