This Belize Island’s Honeymoon Menu Delights All Couples!

If you’re starting to plan your wedding and intend to follow your big day with a honeymoon, you may wish to share this short quiz with the love of your life before making getaway decisions. You don’t have to share this information with anyone except for each other, but by using this shortlist, you can have a conversation that will help you decide on the ideal destination based on your requirements.

If one of the “must haves” on your list includes a short plane ride, make Belize your destination of choice where your search for heaven can be found at Coco Plum Island Resort, the award-winning, 16-acre adults-only island off the coast, and where a carefully curated snorkel package plus Honeymoon & Romance Add-On are so magical, all you need do is put yourselves in the hands of discreet hosts to enjoy a lush post-wedding getaway.

12 things to do during your Coco Plum sojourn

Must you do everything on this list? That depends upon how you intend to spend your days and nights, but these are some experiences to put on your shortlist:

  1. Swim in the resort’s pool and dive off the dock if you prefer a splash to enter the surf from the beach.
  2. Set up a friendly kayaking competition using vessels from the resort’s aquatic toy inventory.
  3. Pilot a Hobie Cat or flaunt your inner daredevils on stand-up paddleboards.
  4. Devote serious time to cuddling in a hammock built for two.
  5. Pledge minimal contact with the outside world via Coco Plum’s complimentary Wi-Fi connection.
  6. Get your fill of outstanding Belizean cuisine and unlimited local beverages.
  7. Avail yourselves of Serenity Spa services—especially after exhausting days of fun.
  8. Maintain your mindfulness practice on the breathtaking teak yoga deck.
  9. Enjoy your fill of snorkeling nearby patch reefs and mangrove habitats.
  10. Add a fishing or diving to your itinerary if time and interest allow.
  11. Sink into a blissful state while wandering the island hand-in-hand.
  12. Skip everything but numbers 4, 6, 7, and 11, to make more time to celebrate your love in the privacy of your tropical digs.

Caribbean Belize honeymoon

Some honeymoon stays are yummier than others

If you’re planning an early autumn wedding, you may wish to tweak your timeline so you’re on hand for Lobster Fest, the culinary event of the year. Make this your fall destination and you’ll both be treated to lobster, live drumming, music, games, and activities gratis if your honeymoon booking includes any Wednesday between September 20, 2023 – October 11, 2023.

Given the pilgrimage lobster lovers from around the globe make to Belize annually— and because the island accommodates so few couples—early booking is essential, but you don’t have to tell a soul that you’re wrapping your getaway around this delicious event since what happens in Belize during Lobsterfest stays in Belize—especially the details of your equally delicious honeymoon!

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