Is a Group Getaway on Your Mind? This Belize Island is Perfect

If you’re a fan of The Washington Post newspaper because writers and editors are adroit at pairing solid journalism with enough humor to compel readers to dive in, you’ll find Shivani Vora’s headline intriguing: “Going on a ‘friendcation’? Nine tips to ensure you’ll still be speaking after the trip.”

This headline may be especially compelling if you’re about to do just that—or if a couples vacation date looms and you worry that too much “togetherness” could lead to clashes. Making sure relationships remain upbeat and friendly is especially important if you’ve selected an island destination for your besties.

Can you avoid holiday relationship skirmishes? You can, Vora writes, if everyone agrees to follow these rules:

  • Have an honest talk about travel styles. This is important for optimists convinced that nothing could go wrong.
  • Discuss every aspect of the trip—from who will organize things to how money matters are handled.
  • Sort out sleeping arrangements during pre-trip planning, not after you arrive.
  • Should a potential disagreement pop up, pledge to stop and talk about it immediately.
  • Make a list of things each person wants to do and select both group and solo activities.
  • Be flexible, and plan for alone time so everyone gets a break from each other.
  • Don’t post photos on social media unless it’s okay with everyone in the frame!

Where to vacation? This is paradise found

Having taken those rules of etiquette to heart—and if your group agrees that they don’t want a long plane trip, or crowds, and prefer not to have to master another language—Coco Plum Island Resort off Belize’s coast is ideal. You’ll have plenty of space to do as you please, and with so few oceanfront cabins dotting the periphery, your party will feel as though they own the place.

Simplify your visit by saying yes to the all-inclusive package, and once group members identify preferred activities, tailor your stay based on information found on this Coco Plum website page where add-ons and a la carte tours are easily arranged.

Belize Group Travel Destination

Do everything—or wear your sloth badge with pride!

It’s up to group consensus and budget limitations to put together the sojourn that delights each member of your group, and if you decide that being together is paramount to everyone in the group—and perhaps taking one or two adventures is ideal—take advantage of amenities on this small jewel of an island by jumping into all of these activities.

Treat yourselves to spa services and the yoga deck, and feast on delicious meals prepared by island chefs who are happy to accommodate the food sensitivities of group members.

Importantly, make this the getaway that exceeds everyone’s expectations, and you won’t be the first group to ask your hosts about booking down the road. In fact, you may want to make your next stay a bigger celebration of friendship by renting the entire island next time around!

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