Yes, You Can Afford a Destination Wedding—if that Destination is Belize!

It was our favorite viral story of 2018: The bride planned a destination wedding and threatened to delete her Facebook friends refusing to fork over the $3,000 she requested to show up for the big day. Absurd? Completely.

As the Caribbean wedding epicenter in Belize, we happen to know that destination weddings couldn’t possibly cost $3,000 per guest. Our reputation for affordable affairs is becoming legendary. Yes, you can have an awesome wedding here and still have money left in your shared piggy bank. Skeptical? You won’t be if you keep reading.

10 Reasons to Marry in Belize 

1. It’s gorgeous. Choose any month for your affair and things will be in bloom.
2. Make it a unique affair by holding your nuptials on the grounds of a Maya temple.
3. Everyone speaks English, so no hand signals required to understand your officiate.
4. Wear what you like. Whether it’s elegant formal wear or swim suits, anything goes.
5. Airfares to Belize are so frequent and affordable, more guests may join you.
6. Belize is so small, you can see the country before or after you take your vows.
7. Mother Nature is the wedding planner. Marry on the beach, in a garden or jungle.
8. Your marriage is legal everywhere on the planet once it’s registered.
9. Your photos will rival those usually appearing in bridal magazines.
10. You won’t have to go elsewhere for a super-romantic honeymoon.

Are you sure it’s legal?

You can be sure it is. Hang around for 72 hours, show up at the Registrar’s office with proof that you’ve been in-country for 3 days and bring with you the legal documents the Belize government requires that may include passports, birth certificates, proofs of citizenship, divorce papers or death certificates.

It only takes a day for the registry to process your documents, at which point either a Justice of the Peace or church official plus a couple of witnesses are all you need to get hitched. You file the signed certificate once the ceremony takes place. No blood test? Not in Belize.

Seems like a lot to remember

You wouldn’t be the first couple to scratch your heads and worry about details, which is why a wedding package at Coco Plum solves every problem you can think up. Staff handles so many destination weddings, you can turn to them for any reason.

Share your budget with your Coco Plum wedding team and wait until you see how these professionals stretch it. You will wind up with the storybook affair you have dreamed about, but we advise you to prepare for one eventuality: When friends and family learn how little it costs to attend your Belize wedding, you may need a bigger cake!