Craving Adventure? Make This Belize All-inclusive Package Yours

Is it possible to have it all when preparing to vacation in Belize? Some folks say no, insisting that an island vacation confines you to a steady diet of watersports while mainland stays are the only way to experience the authenticity of a nation offering jungles, rainforests, mountains—and 900 Maya ruins. 

But you want it all and these days, you can have it by saying yes to the island resort that’s ready to deliver on the vacation of a lifetime. Coco Plum Island Resort is more than just an adults-only oasis amid Caribbean waters; it’s also the home of a Belize all-inclusive adventure package that covers every aspect of this nation’s abundance of natural treasures. Ready to pack? 

The ins and outs of your Belize all-inclusive adventure packages

Start your stay by exploring the wonders that surround you by borrowing from the resort’s inventory of kayaks, Hobie cats, and SUPs to get a fitness fix that readies you for the feasts you’ll enjoy throughout your stay. Island chefs tend to collect compliments from guests that are as delectable as the Maya-, Mestizo-, and Garifuna-inspired fares you’ll be served. Cocktails? Of course. Enjoy unlimited local beverages prepared by expert mixologists.

Your digs, meals, and amenities are not all that’s included with the basic Belize All Inclusive Snorkel Package that is described here. Pair these perks with a selection of add-ons that complete your vision for the ideal adventure getaway and make it your signature holiday experience. 

The Belize Jungle Tour Add-On pumps up your itinerary to such a degree, you’ll use up your memory card snapping photos of yourselves climbing Xunantunich Maya ruins, ziplining over jungle tree canopies and exploring underworld caves that come with their own share of surprises. On the topic of surprises, this fabulous add-on adds just $595 USD per couple to your basic snorkel package tab, so how could you say no? 

Belize travel packages

Pushing the envelope can change your life

Harlan Snyder knows a thing or two about the power of adventure because he works with people every day to get them out of their comfort zones. Among his advice to people who have yet to push an envelope or two is this invitation: “Live life as if you won’t get a second chance!” Taking this opportunity to craft your own Belize vacation says plenty about your desire to live life fully. 

Staff at Coco Plum Island Resort get it, which is why they outdo themselves when it comes to pampering the few guests who sojourn at this relaxation mecca at any given time, and you’ll be offered an opportunity to craft your own Belize all-inclusive adventure package if you’d like to tailor your stay to exactly match your interests. 

By the way, you may still be able to get reservations during Coco Plum’s Lobsterfest celebration. It runs between September 20, 2023, and October 11, 2023, so if you can escape then, pack a bib. After all, your taste buds deserve a culinary adventure, too!

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