Why You Should Take A Belize Island Vacation (& How To Plan It)

We don’t have to tell you that planning for a Caribbean Island vacation requires different guidelines than planning undertaken for a mainland holiday. It’s not just the fact that you’ll be a greater distance from shopping districts, entertainment, a variety of restaurant choices, and natural wonders like endless miles of jungle or rainforest. You’ll be cloistered within a heavenly environment that has no equal.

That stated, some Belize island resorts are superior to others. Vacationers choosing Coco Plum Island Resort are happy to explain why so planning for your escape is likely to give you as much pleasure as the sojourn itself. These planning tips from frequent resort visitors tell you all you need to know.

  • Be thoughtful about choosing travel dates. The low season (late May to mid-December) is especially idyllic because you’ll have more of the island to yourself and rates are the lowest. Why risk the occasional rain that falls during the low season? Because Coco Plum amenities and tours are equally doable and if you’re going to stay wet anyway, those showers won’t ruin a minute of your stay since they don’t stick around very long.
  • Update or renew your passport. Belize authorities will ask for it, but you won’t need an entry visa if you’re traveling on a U.S., U.K., or Canadian passport. Make your Coco Plum hosts aware of any dietary restrictions you have so chefs behind the skillets at the island’s gourmet restaurant are prepared to adjust menu items to accommodate your sensitivities.
  • Even an island can feel crowded if it’s booked to capacity, but on Coco Plum, so few guests are accommodated at any given time, that couldn’t happen. And every oceanfront cabana is ideally situated, so whether you crave meeting other guests or prefer minimal contact, make your wishes known and staff can deliver meals to your digs.
  • Go the all inclusive route. Save money while enjoying additional benefits. Compare Coco Plum’s Belize all inclusive package options to create the optimal experience based on your vacation style. You may be able to grab a current special that saves more money if your timing is right.
  • Plan to spend pre-trip time attending to your wardrobe and taking care of at-home tasks that require attention during your absence rather than digging up info on what to do on the island. Packages take care of your itinerary, too. If you’re more spontaneous, add one or more adventures to your schedule via the resort’s tour menu.

How To Plan A Belize Island Vacation

Congratulate yourself on your planning savvy! You don’t have to rent a car. You don’t have to concern yourself with transport since Coco Plum staff can help with that, too. Further, no need to worry about the little ones. This adults-only island is the retreat couples crave because everything from landscaping to cabana position is designed with intimacy in mind. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, say repeat Coco Plum guests who know exactly where to go when they need an escape from the ordinary.

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