Why Belize Tops the Charts for Romantic 2024 Honeymoons

What does it take to push one nation to the “head of the pack” when it comes to honeymoon destinations? If you’re in the middle of searching for the right one, we can probably guess that all inclusive packages are at the top of wish lists because couples are already spending a fortune on weddings, so honeymoon savings are welcome. Another reason couples cite when putting together honeymoon wish lists is kid-free resorts, and if that romantic sanctuary happens to be an adults-only island off Belize’s coast, this nation tops the charts in so many ways!

How popular is Belize these days?

Mega hot. It’s the reason prestigious magazines like Travel+Leisure often include Belize when profiling the most exotic honeymoon destinations on the Caribbean Rim. To prove the point, we were impressed to find Belize’s Coco Plum Island Resort was not only among the high-profile recommendations in a recent issue but in addition to the fact that there are no children on the island, according to the writer, “…hard-partying spring breakers won’t be occupying the room next door either”!

Winner of Tripadvisor Travelers’ 2023 “#1 Small Stays in Central America” and named as one of Travel+Leisure’s top all inclusive property in the world, this resort deserves your attention. Since there are only 18 beachfront cabanas on the island—and the distance between each one is impressive—Coco Plum Island is the ideal honeymoon destination.

Why honeymooners love Belize

  • Everyone speaks English throughout the nation and on the island
  • Honeymooners abhor crowds and you won’t find them throughout Belize
  • The number of tourist attractions within this small nation is breathtaking
  • Belize is budget-friendly and the currency exchange rate is easy to recall: $2 USD=$1 BZE
  • An impressive mix of cultures within Belize’s populace is intriguingly diverse
  • Who doesn’t love a nation with a fascinating history, warm people, and a growing culinary reputation?

Belize beach honeymoons

Why honeymooners love Coco Plum Island

Having already mentioned the awesome degree of privacy and intimacy honeymooners enjoy during their romantic escape, this little island’s huge all-inclusive package is equally impressive, as are the tours that come with each package and the menu of à la carte experiences for newlyweds who have come as much for the snorkeling as for the snuggling.

The Serenity Spa’s list of services includes an ultra-popular couples massage, and newlyweds can frequent the gorgeous yoga deck with views of both the Caribbean Sea and the Maya Mountains. Island activities abound and dining is as delicious as your newly minted marriage.

It’s not hard to see why Belize tops the charts for romantic honeymoons, which is why bookings for 2024 honeymoons have already gone into overdrive. Got your wedding date? Don’t wait! Pick up the phone and call the resort’s toll-free number right now: 1-800-763-7360. Find out for yourself why honeymoons are hotter in Belize when they are spent at this Eden-like epicenter of romance.

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