Rent a Private Belize Island? It’s Easier and More Affordable Than You Imagine

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a close-knit group of friends who enjoy vacationing together or your family members love to sit around and think about the ultimate group vacation, you’ll be delighted to know that you can morph those fantastic thoughts of an island stay into an action plan for a minimum of 36 guests.

Benefits of a whole island rental may be obvious. If not, consider this short list of perks:

  • Everyone in your party will enjoy what one travel writer calls “splendid isolation.”
  • Dedicated staff acting as your hosts take care of every vacation need and desire.
  • Your group decides on the entertainment, explorations, and adventures they want.
  • Ditto your group’s itinerary—and no worries about “outsiders” having a say.
  • You avoid crowds and won’t have to share the beach with strangers.
  • Privacy and safety during your stay on the island are comforting and freeing.
  • You won’t find a vacation situation offering you more value for your money.
  • A whole island rental is the ideal way to host a wedding, special occasion, reunion, or corporate escape.

Where to find every one of these benefits?

Belize’s hottest adults-only Coco Plum Island Resort is the quintessential paradise that will exceed the expectations of everyone in your group. The airline flight to Belize is fast, you’ll sojourn in the only English-speaking nation in Central America, and from the moment you and your fellow vacationers climb onto the boat that delivers you to Coco Plum Island, you’ll slip into a state of bliss that guarantees an idyllic tropical vacation.

Because the details of your whole island rental are worked out before you arrive, no member of your group will have to lift a finger upon arrival. You’ll occupy all 18 cabanas for the week. Your recreational interests, already shared with the island’s staff and guides, will be scheduled. While Coco Plum is an adults-only property, renting the entire island offers a more personalized and exclusive experience. Summer rates are so affordable, that you’ll spend under $450 per day per person.

Belize private island for rent

Advance notice is required to get your dates of choice

Believe it or not, affordability, exclusivity, and impeccable service in concert with a trend toward island vacations, has driven Coco Plum whole island rental vacation bookings up, so allow plenty of lead time to secure your dates.

How to do just that? Start out by sharing all the whole island rental details with your group to get their buy-in and then use the “request quote info” tab at the bottom of this page to secure your dates. Our staff takes great pleasure in catering to your group in areas such as dietary restrictions so every detail of your vacation is perfect. And it’s perfectly acceptable to share the details of your island rental adventure—before and after—an action that could earn you the title of “travel trendsetter.”

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