What Sets Coco Plum Island Apart From Other Belize Resorts? Everything!

Did you know that islands make people happy? Just the thought of being transported to a tropical island suggests a wealth of calming images and colors. An inviting hammock under a palm tree. Beaches awash in sugar-white sand. The glittering ocean footsteps away. According to the World Happiness Report, islands are also home to the world’s happiest people—especially those living in multi-cultural nations, where neighborliness and optimism are so pervasive, that even tourists notice the difference.

An island vacation has the power to reduce blood pressure and flood the brain with enough feel-good chemicals to vanquish the woes tourists leave behind. Now, imagine yourself amid this Eden-like tranquility. If you set your sights on one popular Belize island, you won’t need The World Happiness Report to tell you that you’ve arrived in paradise!

One island stands out from the rest

Caribbean Islands have distinct personalities and Coco Plum Island Resort off Belize’s coastline is no exception. Every aspect of the holiday you crave is found within 16 acres of natural wonder, where breezes rustling palm fronds provide background music for an idyllic respite. What distinguishes Coco Plum from competitors? This short list is just the tip of the tropical iceberg:

  • There are only 18 private oceanfront accommodations tucked into abundant landscaping perched around the periphery of each cabana, each beautifully appointed and designed to offer guests exceptional privacy.
  • Because the island only accommodates a maximum of 42 guests, the crowds most island lovers dislike don’t exist. In fact, the ratio of staffers to guests is impressive.
  • Every guest compliments the resort team’s warmth and the Coco Plum crew never disappoints.
  • The number of awards won by Coco Plum Resort continues to grow. One of the most impressive was announced when TripAdvisor Travelers picked Coco Plum Island Resort as the #1 Best Small Stay in Central America in 2023.
  • All inclusive packages and add-ons offer endless ways to customize a stay so it’s just what you need and want.
  • The onsite Serenity Spa and yoga deck offer so many ways to be pampered, that guests come to Coco Plum specifically for these relaxing services.
  • Small island; a huge tour menu! Explore Belize’s wonders via Coco Plum’s choice-based offerings. Stick to package tours or opt for à la carte options.
  • Island amenities are varied, diverse and cater to folks who love to stay active and those who simply crave occupying a hammock for the entirety of their sojourn.
  • This is an adults-only island. A kid-free vacation in paradise? Frequent guests say that they love the kids in their lives even more after getting away from them!

Coco Plum Cay - what makes us different


Just because this island appears to be designed for the rich and famous, that doesn’t mean you can’t afford a visit. Guests with impeccable timing could grab a discounted stay by qualifying for a current special. Make that happen and you won’t have to wonder why Coco Plum Island Resort stands head and shoulders above ordinary Caribbean sanctuaries!

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