Cheat Sheets for the Quintessential Belize Island Getaway

In a world where the word cheating has negative connotations, cheating seems to have no redeeming qualities, whether the act refers to a relationship or a diet. But for reasons even wordsmiths haven’t identified, the quintessential cheat sheet can serve as a great tool if you love efficient travel because they save time, stress, and money!

Very few people would argue that every minute of vacation time is precious. Ergo, a cheat sheet that details all aspects of your upcoming Belize vacation will double your fun and pleasure, and because more than one cheat sheet ensures an idyllic vacation, we offer you four!

Cheat sheet #1: Which airlines will get you to Belize?

  • While airline routes can change, all International Belize flights arrive at Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Belize City.
  • Major U.S. ports of origin are Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Chicago, L.A., and New York.
  • Carriers offering non-stop U.S. flights include United, American, Delta, and Alaska Airlines.
  • Non-seasonal trips may be booked on Sun Country, Southwest, Jet Blue, and Frontier Airlines.
  • Canadian carriers offer seasonal service from Toronto and Calgary on Air Canada and WestJet.

Cheat sheet #2: Where to stay

  • Opt for an island sojourn off the coast for an authentic Belize experience.
  • If it’s not fully booked at a time you want to come, nothing surpasses Coco Plum Island Resort.
  • Have backup dates in mind when you book.
  • Don’t bring kids! This is an adult’s only island where a scattering of ultra-private cabanas circle the shore.
  • Grab the “everything’s included” All Inclusive Belize Snorkel Package.
  • Check out Coco Plum’s exciting menu of add-ons while you’re on that page.

belize island getaway tips

Cheat sheet #3: What to bring

  • The wardrobe police never visit Coco Plum, so use seasonal weather forecasts to guide your packing.
  • Bring snorkel gear if you don’t mind lugging it. Otherwise, ask the reservation team about every type of gear you’ll need for your sojourn.
  • This island amenities guide can also help you select appropriate wardrobe items.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, scrunches, and your medicines.
  • Coco Plum has Wi-Fi service. Bring your device if you can’t bear the thought of being disconnected!

Cheat sheet #4: Not-to-miss experiences

  • Take advantage of Coco Plum’s regularly scheduled tours.
  • Add inland experiences to your itinerary if Maya ruins and cultural sites fascinate you.
  • Spend time in the charming towns of Dangriga and Hopkins if time allows.
  • Love lobster? Check with Coco Plum staff to see if there have been cancellations for the 2024 Lobsterfest.
  • Pair your escape with Belize holidays for even more fun.
  • Get to know Belize’s welcoming populace. Find out how it feels to be treated like a celebrity!

These four cheat sheets cover basics, but be forewarned, you’ll find so much to love about your Coco Plum experience you’ll want to return—perhaps with a cheat sheet of your own that makes your next island sojourn even more pleasurable and relaxing!

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