A Stay at Belize’s Coco Plum Island Resort Will Suit You to a T!

Were you a fan of the award-winning TV show Cheers where “everybody knows your name” according to the show’s theme song? This perennial NBC favorite ran for 11 seasons, “ranking in the top 10 of the year-end Nielsen ratings seven times,” according to Britannica. Avid fans never missed peeking into the fictional Boston pub, where neighborhood characters came in so often, they had “unofficially” assigned bar stools!

How would you like to not only go to a place that knows your name but while you’re there, you get to claim a tropical vacation on an adults-only island in the Caribbean? If that sounds idyllic, make plans to book accommodations at the Coco Plum Island Resort off the Belize mainland where you can become something of a legacy simply by including a t-shirt in your luggage that you’re willing to sacrifice in the name of fame.

Everyone will know your name at Coco Plum…

…from the moment you set foot on the island after a short flight to Belize’s international airport. Choose the All Inclusive Snorkel Package and not only will you be greeted by island crew at the local airport, but you’ll be taken to the island where yummy cuisine plus unlimited local bar beverages, an oceanview cabana, use of kayaks, snorkel gear, and other aquatic sport toys are complimentary. There’s more, so be sure to read every word about this money-saving bundle on the resort’s website.

Enjoy the resort’s Serenity Spa services during your stay where peace, tranquility, and relaxation are the specialties of the house thanks to a noticeable absence of rambunctious kids! But the most fun begins when you head for Coco Palms Restaurant, the bar that specializes in camaraderie and spectacular tropical libations and where guests visiting for a second time are invited to add a t-shirt to the collection of shirts hanging beneath the thatched roof.

Belize private island resort

Keep coming back and you could become a Coco Palms rock star

Like the beloved characters on the TV sitcom Cheers, you can come back repeatedly to connect with others who go from acquaintances to friends while enjoying the spirit and spirits of Coco Palms with the small number of guests Coco Plum hosts at any given time. If you’d like to bring your besties with you, why not rent the entire island?

Once you make your 6th visit to Coco Plum Island Resort, you will automatically become a member of the elite Coco Palms Hall of Fame. This honor entitles both you and your travel companion to 2 specially crafted t-shirts, each of which will be imprinted with your photo and the dates of your past visits. Additionally, a third t-shirt bearing your likeness and those dates will be framed and hung above all other shirts. You need the escape. You want the notoriety, right? Even Sam, Diane, and Norm didn’t get this much personal attention on Cheers broadcasts!

And while we talking about return visits, don’t forget to enroll in the Coco Plum Reward Program. A simple and fulfilling way for us to thank you for your continued support. It’s easy to get started: reserve an island vacation to start saving 10% on your return visit. The benefits don’t stop there, though. We’ll welcome you back for a fifth holiday at Coco Plum for FREE after your fourth visit. Doubting this offer? Given the abundance of “too-good-to-be-true” offers available, it makes sense. That being said, Coco Plum has a solid reputation for keeping her word. We’re open and honest about the limited conditions attached to this offer so you can feel comfortable knowing exactly what to anticipate from this remarkable chance.

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