How Safe is Belize?

It’s hard to ignore newspaper headlines these days, especially for travelers eager to stay close to home while getting their fill of another culture. For the past few weeks in Belize, the headlines have been dominated by the 200-year-old unfounded Guatemala claim on Belize’s territory and the referendum on whether Belizeans should go to the International Court of Justice to resolve it.

The headlines are particularly disturbing because Guatemala is a border crossing from Belize, one of the most-often chosen vacation destinations in the Caribbean. 

Perhaps you’re one of the people worrying about this issue as you make vacation plans. We’d like to address your concerns head on to give you reassurance and comfort and that you couldn’t find a better place to vacation than Belize.

Ask yourself this question: Would I be afraid to take a New York City vacation? If the answer is, “Of course not,” you’ll be surprised what we found on the website where analysts make statistical comparisons between cities. We compared Belize to New York City and found:

-On the website’s safety scale, Belize is rated 53.2 versus NYC’s 57.23.
-Violent crime statistics are more comforting: Belize’s 33.33 rating is low compared to NYC’s 45.44.
-Worried about being mugged? Belize rates in the low category (25) while NYC’s rating is 42.91!

There are more reassuring ratings where these came from, but rest assured, you’re going to be safe in Belize during your vacation for more than the following 5 reasons:

1.) Guatemala’s unfounded claim to Belize is being fought in the courts, supported by citizens and a very stable government.

2.) Belize racial and class tensions are minimal compared to neighboring countries so tension leading to crime is less.

3.) Tourists continue to flock to Belize in record numbers because they feel so safe during their stays.

4.) Would retirees continue to snap up properties and live here full-time if they feared for their safety?

5.) Even the number of backpackers trekking the isolated 60-percent of Belize covered by forests has increased.

Do your part to stay safe during your stay

Every nation on the planet has its share of crime—it’s the nature of today’s societies where any number of circumstances contribute to it—so whether you head to Paris or Mumbai, there’s always the potential for some danger, which is why international travelers employ safe travel practices like these:

-Choose a destination known for safety and fun like Southern Belize, home to Coco Plum Island Resort.
-Vacationing on an island couldn’t offer you a more secure experience because the only people you’ll run into are other tourists and resort staff.
-Book tours and rely on staff, guides and tour personnel in the business of keeping you safe to look out for you.
-Count on taxis with green plates to get you around (that plate means the driver is properly licensed).
-Don’t wander off into strange neighborhoods on your own; especially at night.
-Conventional wisdom should guide you while you’re in Belize: don’t flash money around, get so drunk you can’t recall your name or take reckless chances you wouldn’t think twice about avoiding in New York City!

By choosing a vacation venue like Coco Plum Island resort, you can relax knowing that the government and people of Belize treasure visitors and want them to return. Rest assured you’ll be taken care of during your stay. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself recommending Coco Plum Island to friends who want a safe vacation every bit as much as you do!

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