August on a Lush Belize Island Resort? Better Start Planning Now

According to travel blogger Allison Laypath, the smartest planners have one thing in common: They plan trips far enough in advance to take advantage of every deal under the sun. Her 20 years of travel experience has proven to her – and to travelers following her posts – that it’s wise to start your search between 6 and 12 months in advance. If you want to visit Belize in August, you may wish to launch your own plan as soon as you finish reading this.

Why early planning pays big dividends

  1. You will have plenty of time to do thorough research on Belize so you won’t miss a thing.
  2. If you don’t have a valid passport, you’ve got time to apply for one.
  3. You could get airfare reductions. “We booked our flights from Salt Lake City to Osaka, Japan seven months in advance for $600 each,” Allison brags.
  4. Belize’s best resorts house small numbers of guests and if your definition of paradise is an island, it’s not unusual for the most desirable digs to be booked a year in advance.
  5. “January is a good time to shop for international flights for summer travel,” Allison adds. The clock is ticking.

Learn more about your August destination

The island of your dreams is located far enough off the Belize coastline to make you feel that you’ve traveled to the ends of the earth. Coco Plum Island Resort has already begun to sort out traveler inquiries even though 2022 is just days old. Why book now? Because there are only 18 beautiful oceanfront cabanas on the island and they’re positioned so adroitly, privacy is a given.

Coco Plum is more than just a Caribbean Island. It’s a state of mind. The ultimate environment for relaxation and tranquility and for some, a sacred space filled with Mother Nature’s gorgeous handiwork. Beachfronts caressed by rolling waves greet every guest upon arising. Clocks become irrelevant – unless, of course, you intend to get your fill of island activities, marine, and/or mainland tours.

Visit Belize in August
Small island. Big dividends

Staying on Coco Plum means you’re as close as it gets to being immersed in Caribbean delights. Group snorkeling trips, diving in and around the Belize Barrier Reef, swimming in the ocean or lagoon where gentle manatees and dolphins reside are just a taste of what you can expect during your stay.

Leave the island for tours to Maya ruins, jungle treks, natural wonders, and inland treasures are so diverse, you must read this Belize tour menu. The easiest way to have it all is by booking a Belize all inclusive package that includes a snug private hideaway, delectable meals and every amenity under the Belize sun.

The resort’s spa services and bountiful perks belie the fact that you’re saving money by choosing a package and because Coco Plum’s Gold Standard Covid protocols remain in place, the last thing you’ll worry about is your health and safety. Design your stay to suit your desire for maximum pleasure and there’s a very good chance this trip will set a standard for future vacations that will be hard to surpass!

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