Rare 4th of July Flash Sale at Coco Plum Island Resort

Are you a fan of discounted getaways? That says a lot about you. You likely get a rush from putting together itineraries for trips that would have cost lots more, and you probably trust that everything about your impromptu bookings will work out because you’ve done it before. But here’s a situation you may not have encountered: Grabbing a special at an exclusive property known for anything but money savings!

This tropical haven is called Coco Plum Island Resort and for folks who know and love this sanctuary, discounts are almost unheard of because this property is so small and exclusive. Is there a downside to making a commitment to getting a rare Coco Plum deal? Nope. In fact, this value-packed offer could save you so much money, you may have to figure out a way to extend your vacation dates to take advantage of this flash sale’s benefits.

How much can you save?

We won’t ask you to use your math skills to figure out every level of this offer and since these savings are posted in U.S. dollars, even your brain can take a holiday as you read through these fabulous discounts:

  • Stay 4 nights and take $200 off your bill
  • A 5-night holiday saves $250
  • Book 6 nights and $300 comes off your tab
  • Make it a week (7 days) and deduct $300
  • An 8-day vacation costs $400 less
  • Stay 9 nights and reduce the bill by $450
  • A 10-night stay offers you a $500 break.

Don’t let someone else grab your cabana!

If you’re not impressed by the substantive savings being offered by this 4th of July special, your place in paradise will be grabbed by another impulsive soul willing to act immediately to snag a place at Coco Plum, where a maximum of 42 guests can fill just 18 beachfront cabanas. This private, adults-only resort offers privacy rarely found at larger resorts, so add that to your list of reasons to grab this deal.

It gets better. While this July 4th flash sale requires you to book immediately, you can take your vacation any time between July 1 – Dec 18, 2023. Book a Belize all inclusive vacation package that takes care of every aspect of your stay to be eligible for this rare discount, understanding that certain restrictions apply, so read every word on this page before you commit.

belize vacation sale

You don’t have to tell other guests about this deal

You enjoy all the same benefits as guests who are paying standard rates for their sojourns, so last-minute value seekers are going to think they’ve arrived in vacation heaven from the minute they book. From gourmet dining to amenities and activities that run the gamut from tours to add-ons and aquatic adventures, craft a customized escape once you qualify for this discount by reserving now so you are not left out. Your reservation on the books, you’ll enjoy the 4th of July fireworks even more because they will match the excitement you feel after snagging so exceptional a deal!

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