Turn Up The Romance At This Belize Island Resort

There’s a reason the CBS television network decided to resurrect the beloved “Love Boat” TV show concept early in 2022: The scripted dramedy was a “can’t miss” broadcast back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and even folks denying their fondness for this weekly show rarely missed an episode.

You can’t argue with success, which is why CBS rebranded the idea in 2022, making it a reality show, and the format attracted impressive numbers of Gen Z and Millennial audiences. Given the number of electronic devices folks in that age bracket own, watching “The Real Love Boat,” from anywhere on the planet added to the series’ cachet.

According to CNN, the original Love Boat TV series can be directly attributed to huge growth in the popularity of cruises: “Back in 1970, an estimated 500,000 people went on a cruise holiday. That figure jumped to five million by 1997,” a meteoric rise enabled by the show.

What’s the rationale behind this remarkable increase? Scientists say that leaving shore means saying goodbye to all responsibility. You boarded the ship and during the cruise, passengers could relax, enjoy impeccable service, and disembark for scenic port tours. Importantly, cruises gave singles opportunities to meet “the one.”

Leaving shore: more than a physical experience

Not everyone can afford today’s sea-going getaways, which is why romantics are choosing island-based sojourns instead. No rough seas. No meds needed to combat seasickness. And no worries about getting back to the ship before it sails after disembarking for tours at ports.

Instead, an island holiday delivers on bliss: Perpetual sunshine, all the isolation you crave, and a chance to leave behind chores and responsibilities. Best of all, romance and intimacy found on a small island make these small dots in the ocean the ideal destination for couples eager to enhance their relationships.

Which island? No debate. The romance capital of Belize: Coco Plum Island Resort. It has become a mecca for couples seeking the ultimate romantic holiday.

Romance in Belize

You can call Coco Plum “the love island” if you wish

Say the word at Coco Plum Island Resort and you could stick around for a week without running into other guest if that’s your desire. Digs are artfully located around the island’s periphery and face the sea. And when you’re ready to explore, the island is awash in fun things to do.

Belize all inclusive packages cover essentials and you can choose from add-ons and a la carte tours if you decide to leave your love nest, though there is one service that could seduce you into leaving your accommodation: The Serenity Spa.

Professional staff members understand your desire for alone time, so who needs a cruise ship to deliver the getaway you need and want? Sound like paradise? It is. Visit this app to pick a departure date. Welcoming staff is likely to greet you with the signature phrase from the original “Love Boat” TV show: “Welcome! We’re expecting you!”

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