Enjoy the Time of Your Life at Coco Plum Island Resort in Belize This Fall

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t afford an island vacation this fall. It’s the best time to come to Belize for myriad reasons. Stay at Coco Plum Island Resort and live the dream.

Senior travelers often confide that they notice time passes faster than usual on relaxing vacations. It’s not an illusion, say University of California postdoctoral students James M. Broadway and Brittiney Sandoval, so if you think time is speeding along, you’re not imagining things!

There’s even a name for the phenomenon: The holiday paradox. Brains encode joyous new experiences that stand out from routine ones, which is why every moment of a vacation seems to move along at warp speed. Choose a destination like Coco Plum Resort, and you’ll understand why.

Come for the adventures

Need a couple of reasons to justify a fall trip to Coco Plum Island Resort and Belize? How about the following:
-You’ll vacation on a small island where resort staff caters to guest’s every desire
-Picture yourself surrounded by ocean, exploring the barrier reef by boat or going scuba diving
-Tours to nearby Maya ruins and ceremonial caves will transport you back in time
-Delicious foods at the resort entice the palates of everyone from gourmands to picky eaters
-Immerse yourself in warm, welcoming cultural experiences courtesy of Belize’s Garifuna people.

visit belize this fall
Reasons fall is the ideal time to vacation in Belize

The perks visitors enjoy while on a fall holiday in Belize just keep coming. The weather’s idyllic and the crowds won’t hit the beaches until November or later, so you get plenty of elbow room, no matter where you go. Choose Coco Plum Resort and you couldn’t wind up in a crowd if you tried. Expect to be spoiled.

Is romance in the air for you and the love of your life? Coco Plum Island Resort is your personal Shangri-La. There is no more sensuous experience than staying at a resort where lavish custom digs on the fringes of the island give you the ultimate in privacy and intimacy, which is why couples planning island weddings or honeymoons flock to this Belize island in September and October.

Here’s the best part of your island adventure: Fall is shoulder season in Belize. Come to Coco Plum Resort this fall and discounted rates are still in effect (through early December, in fact). The island is small, and accommodations are few, so booking early is a great idea, especially now that you know how much money you’ll save. And while we can’t do a thing to slow time down during your Coco Plum Island Resort stay, we can promise that every minute will be amazing.

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