Advantages of Booking a Fall Vacation in Belize

If everything about this record-setting summer kept you inside air-conditioned venues in place of your usual summer vacation, you probably need a fall vacation more than most. Worried about the threat of hurricanes? Don’t be, says USA Today travel writer Katie Jackson whose list of writer friends who prefer autumn in the Caribbean over all other seasons is extensive.

Not only do resort rates stay low until early December, but savings are significant enough to afford a longer getaway. Why should you care? Because inflation is taking a bite out of your household budget, so every saving counts. Further, because resorts host fewer guests before the winter onslaught of snowbirds, you won’t have to queue for a place on tours. In other words, fall Caribbean travel rocks!

Where will you go? No contest!

How about a small, intimate, no-kids-allowed tropical island that’s so close to lower U.S. ports, you could be on the beach that afternoon if you get an early flight? Coco Plum Island Resort is your ticket to privacy and rest since the resort hosts a few guests at a time. Since every oceanfront cabana is isolated from other digs, the only time you are likely to encounter other guests will be at the island’s restaurant or during tours.

Streamline your stay by choosing an all-inclusive package. While Jackson warns readers that “every all-inclusive has at least something that’s not included,” Coco Plum is the exception to the rule. You’ll settle into roomy digs, enjoy great meals, marine excursions, and local in-country transport upon arrival and departure, and who doesn’t love unlimited local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks?

visit belize this fall

Other reasons to prioritize a fall island vacation

Over the summer, it was hard to avoid news headlines about delays and canceled airline flights, but in the fall, traffic slows down. Further, if you bought into the notion that the best time to book your international tickets is on Tuesday at midnight, that has changed, too. Expedia recommends booking your Belize flight on Sunday, says Lois Alter Mark in her 2023 Reader’s Digest article, and according to FareCompare, ticket prices to the Caribbean start dropping impressively in September, so keep this in mind.

What’s the other reason a fall Coco Plum getaway is idyllic?

Jackson insists that “Mother Nature delivers” each autumn, and in Belize, gushing waterfalls fed by summer rains are at their Instagram best. There are arts and music festivals to attend, and you can wander the nation’s Maya sites without bumping into the rest of the world. The Belize Barrier Reef is awash in possibilities if you want to dive, snorkel, or sail, and you can visit cayes that are home to amazing wildlife.

The advantages to booking a Belize stay in the fall are endless, and the advantages of making Coco Plum your getaway haven are even more tantalizing. There’s a good chance that your fall escape could be such a positive experience, it may make you swear off summer vacations forever!

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