Why Belize’s Coco Plum Island Resort Should Be on Your Fall Vacation Shortlist

The Association for Psychological Science (APS) looked at the concept of the popular “shortlist” and determined that it plays an important role in people’s lives these days. Shortlists represent the best of the best—refined lists of possibilities that make a final cut. Consider shortlists composed by folks who want their vacations to be so satisfying, that they’re willing to put in the work it takes to weigh and compare destinations to make certain their chances of disappointment are low.

Sensible? You bet. Time and money saving, too, because shortlist makers devote time to delve deeply into vacation deals, and if you’ve already determined that the Caribbean is your fall 2024 getaway choice, your shortlist must include Belize for impressive reasons. Everyone speaks English, the distance is as short as your list of potential spots, and it’s likely to cost you less than neighboring nations that tend to be either too pricey or too unsafe to give you the relaxing environment you crave.

Put this adults-only island on your shortlist

Belize Island Resort

If you’ve always wanted to vacation on an adults-only island but assumed that the cost would require you to take a second job to afford it, putting Coco Plum Island Resort atop your shortlist could be the wisest vacation decision you’ve ever made. You’ve not only got time to get on Coco Plum’s radar by booking a stay before this small resort fills up, but you also get time to anticipate the bliss you and your travel companion can expect before your fall departure to paradise.

The vibe at Coco Plum won’t be like any you’ve experienced in the past. You’ll enjoy unprecedented privacy thanks to oceanfront accommodations located on the periphery of the island that offer guests the snug haven every couple seeks. You two can vacation uninterrupted once you say yes to Coco Plum’s fabulous Belize All Inclusive Snorkel Package covering everything from your cabana and dining to the use of kayaks, snorkel gear, stand-up paddleboards, a small Hobie cat, and snorkeling trips, too.

Surprises await if you time your getaway adroitly!

You might not expect to find a full-service spa on an island with so few lodgings, but guests enjoy exclusive access to a full menu of services, including the use of the open-air yoga deck that edges the sea. We also offer Yoga lessons on most Wednesdays & Sundays. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more inviting menu of Add-On options that give you the chance to expand your interests—be they purely romantic or adventurous.

Perhaps the news you’ll most want to read is about savings you can claim if you two can take advantage of special deals that can turn your romantic escape into a two-island escape or the early bird special that can lop $50 per night off the All Inclusive Snorkel Package. You must book immediately, if you don’t want to be disappointed after all of your hard work, wise traveler, so once again, your decision to make that shortlist pays big dividends!

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