Spend Christmas on a Belize Island. It’s the Gift You Give Yourself!

Don’t you deserve a Belize island resort holiday free of year-end stress?

We don’t have to tell you that Christmas is magical, but the season also contributes to stress levels in people who are trying to please and appease too many people. The boss wants deadlines met. You’ve got tons of holiday cards to address. And you could use a couple of glasses of wine to survive your shopping experiences.

Want to get off this annual merry-go-round while still enjoying the reason for the season? Find holiday heaven in Belize where the sun shines on Christmas, the nation is awash in sacred rituals and the party opportunities are sure to delight every traveler. Even the journey to Belize is so quick, you’ll barely have time to replace your boots with sandals during the short journey south.

Why a Belize Christmas vacation?

Islands deliver on benefits that can’t be compared to mainland experiences because by its very nature, on a Belize island you find yourself deliciously cut off from the rest of the world. Even when the mainland is close enough to see from a window, you’ll still feel like you’re one of the few people left on the planet.

You can feel just as connected to your faith in the tropics—maybe more so. Holiday services at churches throughout Belize are filled with pageantry and ritual, because most of Belize welcomes this important holiday with reverence and open arms. While your friends shovel snow, you’re basking in the sun and soaking up vitamin D. In fact, Christmas mood swings borne of stress disappear.

Your Belize island resort

Coco Plum Island Resort offers travelers respite from stress in idyllic temperatures of 83-degrees F by day and 70-degrees F by night. The amount of energy you glean from spending days in the sun is restorative and healing, so you face the new year in a sunny state of mind.

You won’t believe how much more appreciative friends and relatives will be if, instead of hit-or-miss gift picks, you shop for treasures in Belize. Carved-wood art? Hand-woven baskets? Belize chocolates and cashew wine make awesome Christmas presents for the folks back home and by removing the pre-trip shopping nightmare, you actually get to enjoy picking things out for everyone on your list.

belize christmas vacation

It’s all about tradition of course

What sorts of things will you give yourself? How about a rare opportunity to celebrate your faith among people who are deep believers in the birth of Jesus? Pageantry associated with a Belize Christmas holiday is breathtaking and just one of the opportunities you can take by visiting the mainland.

Belize is awash in colorful traditions based on the nation’s mega-mix of Hispanics, Creoles, Garifuna, Europeans and especially ancestors of the country’s first residents, the Maya. You can sample all of these during your stay, returning to the island for swimming, kayaking, paddle boating, and other marine adventures.

Guests of Coco Plum Island Resort are the recipients of gourmet cuisine, luxury accommodations and transport to and from the island. By booking an all inclusive Belize vacation, everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive. Leave all of the work, stress and weather behind. When you see how beneficial a sunny Belize Christmas can be, you’re going to want to make Coco Plum Island Resort part of your future Christmas traditions, too.

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