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Venture off the beaten path with our Belize adventure tours. For all the nature lovers, adrenaline junkies, and history buffs alike, our Belize all inclusive adventure tours are the perfect addition to your ultimate Belize vacation. With once in a lifetime opportunities to hike atop an ancient Mayan ruin, zip along the rainforest canopy, visit exotic jungle animals in their natural habitat or cave tube down our Belize rivers, Coco Plum Island Resort offers a wide variety of scheduled tours lead by our skilled local guides. After all, no vacation to Belize is complete without experiencing at least one of our adventure tours!

Included Tours:

Honeymoon/Lovers' Getaway, All-Inclusive, Inland/Island, Private Island Rental And Overwater Villa Packages include options from the following Belize tours (tours can be purchased with other packages):

Explore the magnificent Mayan Ruins of Xunantunich "Maiden of the Rock"

Visit, climb, and explore one of Belize’s most popular Mayan temples on the Xunantunich Mayan Tour

What to Expect:

Journey west where you will cross the Mopan River on a hand-cranked ferry to access the large Mayan archaeological site of Xunantunich (pronounced shu-nan-tu-nitch), translated as the Stone Lady or Maiden of the Rocks. This fascinating pyramid boasts several plazas and a large selection of classic stelae. Those ambitious enough to hike the top of El Castillo, the tallest structure on site, will be rewarded with panoramic views of both Belize and Guatemala. Allow 2 ½ hours each way to drive to the location.

Difficulty rating: Moderate This is a full day tour.

  • Located in the western part of Belize in the Cayo District
  • Ride across the Mopan River to Xunantunich on a hand-cranked ferry
  • Climb the nearly 130 foot El Castillo, the tallest structure at Xunantunich and the second tallest structure in Belize (after the temple at Caracol) and see a great view of Cayo and neighboring Guatemala
  • The core of Xunantunich occupies about 1 square mile, consisting of a series of 6 plazas surrounded by more than 25 temples and palaces.
  • Visit the informative museum that includes the history of the excavation of the site, two stelae, and more
  • On the drive back to Dangriga briefly drive through Belmopan, the nation's capital city (time permitting)

Combination Tour

Aerial Trek Zip line/Rappelling trip above the Belize rainforest and cave tube down our rivers

What to Expect:

Traverse from treetop to treetop, 80 feet above the forest floor, dangling from the steel cables of the zip-line. This tour includes five platforms ranging from 100 to 500 feet of flying! After working up a sweat with our zip-lining excursion, take a refreshing tour of Belize's cooling rivers and extensive cave system while cave tubing.

Difficulty rating: Strenuous

  • Zip line through the tree tops of the Belize rainforest
  • Cave tube through crystal clear water in ancient limestone caves exploring this amazing cave system
  • View beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, rim stone dams and Mayan artifacts while floating down the river through the caves
  • Wear comfortable shorts or long pants over your swimsuit, you must wear hiking boots or tennis shoes (no flip flops), take bug spray
  • Allow 2 hours each way for drive

Belize Zoo

Observe animals indigenous to Belize on their natural open-air homes

What to Expect:

Visit the Belize Zoo to enjoy a close-up view of our local fauna in their natural surroundings which include over 150 animals such as jaguars, monkeys, toucans, scarlet macaws, tapirs, snakes, and many more. Learn more about Belize’s diverse wildlife and unique ecosystem at the Tropical Education Center. Feel free to take pictures and ask our professional tour guides if you have any questions.

Difficulty rating: Easy

  • Located in the Belize District along the Western Highway
  • Sits upon 29 acres of tropical savanna and is home to over 125 animals native to Belize
  • Tour the zoo and the Tropical Education Center
  • Observe animals such as jaguars, toucans, tapirs, scarlet macaw parrots, iguanas and howler monkeys in their natural open-air homes
  • Learn about Belize's diverse wildlife and our unique ecosystems

Belize Southern Barrier Reef Snorkeling

Experience the pristine beauty of Southern Barrier Reef, the least traveled area of the barrier reef.

What to Expect:

Just a quick boat ride to the Belize Southern Barrier Reef, which is located 10-20 minutes away from Coco Plum Island Resort, take the tour of a lifetime as you snorkel the second largest living barrier reef in the world. Our experienced guides and captains will point out everything you need to see and are more than happy to assist beginners. With visibility ranging from 60 to 100 feet, snorkelers often have close encounters with eagle rays, sea turtles, a wide variety of exotic fish, and even dolphins or friendly nurse sharks!

Difficulty rating: Moderate

  • Located just a few miles off the coast of Coco Plum Cay in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve
  • Our guides will assit you in exploring an underwater world teaming with marine life
  • Allow 15-20 minutes each way for boat ride
  • Snorkeling gear is included

This is an inclusive tour and it can also be added to any package.

A La Carte Pricing:
US$35/person for 1-3 persons; $30/person for 4 or more persons


Dive into all the thrills, natural beauty, and rich culture that make Belize such a mind-blowing destination. Our Belize Specialty Tours are added excursions and activities that will help make your Belize vacation one to remember.

As a locally owned and managed resort, we surely know all the secret spots and hidden gems that Belize has to offer. From our specialty snorkeling tour to Glover’s Reef Atoll, to guided fishing trips along the Southern Barrier Reef, we can’t wait to show our guests why Belize is often referred to as, “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret.”

Any tours not listed as a scheduled tour are considered Belize specialty tours. Specialty tours are not included in our vacation packages and can be purchased separately.

Glover's Reef Snorkel Trip

Snorkel at Glover's Reef Atoll ($120 US per person) 6 person minimum. Weather permitting.

What to Expect:

The islands along the Belize Barrier Reef are too numerous to name. They include three of the four coral atolls in the Caribbean, including Glover's Atoll. Glover’s Atoll is located approximately 16 miles outside of the Belize Barrier Reef and is comprised of a deep lagoon with as many as 850 coral patch reefs and six sandy cayes located on the reef crest. Glover’s Reef is known for its unique cut-offs, coral formations, and diversity of marine species.

Difficulty rating: Moderate

  • Enjoy a boat ride from Coco Plum to Glover's Reef, an atoll located approximately 16 miles outside of Belize's Barrier Reef (one of the world's most amazing barrier reef systems).
  • Snorkel along pristine Glover's Reef Marine Reserve which is comprised of a deep lagoon with about 850 patch reefs and six sand cays located on the reef crest along the southern edge.
  • Snorkel among spiny lobster, queen conch, Nassau grouper, black grouper, hogfish, mutton fish, and queen triggerfish.

Sunset Cruise


What to Expect:

Celebrate your love with a blissfully romantic cruise. Watch the Belizean sunset while enjoying an outstanding array of fresh tropical fruit, cheese, and of course – wine! The best part about our sunset cruise is that it is totally private – just you and your honey will take in the expansive views as the sun sinks into the horizon of the Maya Mountains.

Difficulty Rating: Easy

Questions about the mainland tours:

What should I wear and bring along on Belize mainland adventure tours? Wear loose-fitting, comfortable, breathable clothes over your swimsuit with hiking boots or a sturdy pair of tennis. Apply insect repellent prior to leaving the island and re-apply frequently during mainland tour. Take along a change of clothes, camera, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, money for souvenir purchases and identification. We provide pack lunches and beverages.

Are the tours scheduled on a particular day or do we get to choose what day to take a tour? Please see the tour schedule.


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We did the zip-lining/cave-tubing excursion and were very pleased with it. The cave-tubing was one of the most amazing things I've ever done. The caves are beautiful inside.