Put a Belize Vacation on Your "Must Do" List

10 Reasons to Take A Belize Vacation

Dr. Seuss wasn’t only appealing to children when he wrote the iconic book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” back in the 1990s. His rhymes are so engaging and fun, plenty of people retiring and going on vacations received copies of this book to help them realize that their options are limitless once they discover the magic of travel.

If seeing the world has been a priority for you over time—let’s say you call yourself a veteran traveler—until you discover Belize travel, your journal won’t be complete. This small but exciting nation is all about discovery. Discovery of self. Discovery of unspoiled nature that’s raw, magnificent and inspiring. And discovery of a world where people never met a stranger they couldn’t embrace.

Here are 10 reasons to put a Belize vacation on your “Must Do” list:

  • You’ll love the wildlife
  • Maximize your vacation time in the country
  • You’ll return as a history buff
  • See the mother of all holes
  • Relax on the beach
  • Tour islands like an explorer
  • Nurture your taste buds
  • Acquire Caribbean arts
  • Make friends

Reason #1: You’ll love the wildlife.

Howler monkeys inhabiting Belize jungles are happy to invite you to scream back at them when experiencing wildlife tours. The tours bring you into contact with these amazing animals. You’ll hear them long before you see them! From what frequent visitors to Belize tell us, the opportunity to interact with these intractable primates far exceeds their expectations.

Reason #2: Maximize your vacation time in the country.

Forget sitting on planes, trains and automobiles. The plane ride to Belize from the southern U.S. is so short, finishing an entire magazine is nearly impossible. Once you’ve arrived, you can sprint around this tiny nation so expeditiously (just 8,867 square miles), it’s likely you will be able to visit twice the number of attractions than you would in neighboring nations.

Reason #3: You’ll return as a history buff.

Belize archaeologists are still unearthing ruins but a general guess among professionals is that there are around 900 sites within Belize alone that were once home to the Maya people. Some of these sites are grand compounds filled with awe-inspiring architecture, ball courts and mysterious stele. Others are in underground caves once used as ritual sites. Satisfy your curiosity about both.

Reason #4: See the mother of all holes.

The Great Blue Hole would likely be called an ordinary sink hole if it had been found in your neighborhood, but this amazing, 500-foot deep blue wonder of the Caribbean Sea has become something of a legend throughout the region and it can be seen from outer space so astronauts can attest to its size. Choose from one of the 4 best all inclusive resorts in in Belize as your pick — Coco Plum Island Resort; Manta Island Resort; Laru Beya Resort; Belizean Dreams Resorts — and staff will help with the gear you need to jump in.

Reason #5: Relax on the beach.

Belize’s beaches have become the objects of affection for just about every travel writer covering Central America. You won’t have to compete with crowds for space nor will you be forced to restrict your beach time to oceanfront beaches alone, since the Belize Lagoon delivers a different type of beach experience. Lounge under a palm tree if you want to get dappled sunlight. One thing you can count on is that the weather will cooperate with your desire to grab your share of beach time.

Reason #6: Tour islands like an explorer.

There are unending debates going on throughout Belize about the number of islands in Belize. When the debate ends over a few Belikin beers, conclusions reached are that there are around 100 islands, cayes and atolls that are considered worthy of exploring. Whether your idea of adventuring is piloting a kayak to see just how many you can visit before your arms get tired or your idea of a vacation is hiring a charter boat for a day of island hopping, there are even islands inviting campers to pitch a tent and stay overnight. Every island is unique. Your experience will be just as unique.

Reason #7: Nurture your taste buds.

Belizean food is just as unique as the aforementioned island choices because cuisine is borrowed from so many cultures. You’ll find Mexican-influenced dishes made with spices you’re used to tasting, but with a Caribbean twist. Just wait until you sample the rice and beans dishes that are laced with coconut milk. If you’ve never tasted fresh seafood, you’re in for a treat—especially during lobster season. Farmers throughout Belize cultivate tropical fruits that are trucked in daily to resorts and eateries so your mouth is going to have to get used to “fresh.” Leaving Belize without sampling cashew wine, Belikin beers and chocolates is considered a minor sin!

Reason #8: Go all in on adventures.

Belize isn’t called the Adventure Capital of the Caribbean for no reason. Between jungle treks, racing rivers, tropical rainforests, all manner of wildlife from exotic jaguars to the loudest howler monkeys you’ll ever encounter, you can scale a waterfall, rappel down into a cave, spelunk and try your hand at daredevil zip lining along forest and jungle canopies. For folks who can’t get enough activities that demand risk-taking, this is nirvana.

10 Reasons to Take A Belize Vacation - Cave Tubing

Reason #9: Acquire Caribbean arts.

Belizean artisans bring to their paintings, carvings, clothe art and found art creations a sensibility that is pure, colorful and exquisite. This extends to the music arts as well. Unique musical stylings filled with the sounds of percussion have been known to get even shy tourists on their feet. When those drums start beating, who can resist? Besides, what Central American nation have you visited where Garifuna drumming lessons are so popular, you’ll want to bring a drum home in addition to handicrafts?

Reason #10: Make friends. Seriously.

The people of Belize never met a stranger they couldn’t welcome so no worries about feeling alone, even if you’re traveling solo. Perhaps it’s the fact that everyone speaks English that makes communication so easy. But, language has nothing to do with the heart of a people who genuinely appreciate visitors. Belizeans are thrilled to share the natural wonders they enjoy every day of their lives. Whether you visit for a long weekend or stay a month, you won’t be disappointed or lack for hospitality. We promise!

"You better Belize we will be returning. The staff was amazing! The facilities were very nice and the food was terrific!!! Best vacation ever. All other vacations will be hard to beat this one! Very romantic place for sure!"